A Daemon Primarch, a new Codex and more now available

The hour of reckoning is finally here! Today, you can pre-order Mortarion, The Plague Brethren collector’s set and the new Death Guard codex, alongside some great goodies for collectors and gamers alike.  

What better leader for a Death Guard army that a Daemon Primarch? Mortarion is a magnificent miniature, packed with appropriately grotesque detail that’ll be sure to stand out in your collection.  On the tabletop, this plague-ridden giant can scythe down swathes of infantry with Silence, or even slay an Imperial Knight in a single round of combat. Even standing close to Mortarion can be deadly, as units succumb to an unstoppable tide of mortal wounds from the Death Lord.

There are even options for you to pose Mortarion – build yours sweeping ominously towards the foe, or taking aim with the Lantern. This is the perfect centrepiece for your new Death Guard collection, or just a fantastic piece to build and paint for any hobbyist looking for a new challenge.

The Death Guard codex is your complete guide to the chosen Legion of Nurgle. Inside, you’ll find the Death Guard realised in more detail than ever before, with loads of new art, new background and detailed guides to the origins and organisation of these sinister Chaos Space Marines. That’s not all – this codex is packed with rules, including 9 never-seen-before datasheets, new Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics and much more. You’ll be able to build powerful and thematic Death Guard armies capable of laying your enemies low with devastating bombardments from daemon-powered heavy armour, swarming them with hordes of infected cultists or simply crushing them beneath an unceasing march of Plague Marines.

You’ll be able to pick up your codex in a variety of formats based on which best suits you. As well as the hardback edition, there’s a handsomely presented collector’s edition, featuring special cover art, black gilt edges, and available only while stocks last. For the truly dedicated, the limited edition codex is packed with extras for gamers and collectors alike.

Inside the special presentation box, you’ll find a double sided colour poster, 7 large format psychic power cards, 6 metal markers for in-game effects and a tri-lobed game tracker for your victory points, turn number and command points. This edition is strictly limited to 1,250 copies, so don’t delay – get your copy while you still can.

Whichever codex you get, you’ll want to pick up the Death Guard Datacards too. These handy cards make managing your strategies simple, with cards for psychic powers, Stratagems, and Tactical Objectives.

Want to know how the new Death Guard were made? Just fancy some awesome miniatures? The Plague Brethren is a special collector’s set, available only while stocks last, designed to commemorate this radically reinvented army. As well as three beautifully detailed Death Guard Plague Marines to add to your squads (perfect for rounding out your unit from Dark Imperium to an even 10!), this set features exclusive art cards featuring concepts by John Blanche as well as a 20-page booklet looking at how we designed the new Death Guard, offering some fascinating insights. The Plague Brethren is only available while stocks last, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these models.

Finally, if you’re looking for dice for your Death Guard, we’ve got you covered. The Death Guard Dice are appropriately disgusting, featuring soft, squishable centres designed to give your dice the appearance of rotting from within (they’re also a lot of fun to fidget with between rolls!).

The time of plagues is at hand – get started with your Death Guard army now.

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