A Lord of Ravens, and God of Machines

New from Black Library this weekend, we have two great books for your collection.

Shrike‘ is a Space Marine Legends novel that stars the most renowned living son of Corax, and the current Chapter Master of the Raven Guard. This tale spans several engagements from the warrior’s life from Veteran Space Marine, to Shadow Captain, as he battles the raging hordes of the Ork Warlord Gorkrusha. From author George Mann, who is no stranger to Raven Guard fiction, this is well worth a read for any fan of the Raven Guard.

New to paperback this week, is the excellent ‘Forges of Mars‘ trilogy of novels (and accompanying shorter story) now available in an omnibus paperback edition. This epic saga follows a massive Imperial expedition comprising Tech-priests, Black Templars, Guardsmen and more besides, which sets off into all but unknown space on the hunt for lost technology. Even if you have no special interest in any of those factions, it’s some great science fiction reading on the very fringe of the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

Order all of the above from the Black Library online store.

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