A New Star (God) Rises

The C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon is, quite frankly, one of the most visually stunning miniatures the Citadel miniatures design team has ever made. To celebrate its pre-order launch this weekend, we’re showcasing the model in all its glory to reveal all the intricate details that it could be easy to miss at first glance.


The C’tan Shards of the Void Dragon are the most technologically advanced of their kind, able to harness the power of unrefined noctilith – or ‘blackstone’, as it is known in the Imperium. They hover across the battlefield held aloft by eldritch blackstone energy in its purest form. This energy runs across and throughout their necrodermis bodies, creating a constantly shifting, digitally pixelated appearance to their physical forms – as if they exist in some sort of quantum state between realities.

On the miniature itself, the digital stammering effect is so prevalent in places that it’s possible to see through its body!

Secreted within the left-hand side of the miniature’s chest, visible through the digital stammering, is a large piece of crystal, which is the actual C’tan Shard itself – the source of much of its power.

The C’tan Shard appears to be drawing power from the core at its heart and its surroundings to its hand, manifesting it into a swirling orb of energy, ready to be unleashed.

This same power also provides the C’tan Shard’s Spear of the Void Dragon with energy, and the same effect can be seen on the weapon between its haft and tip.

The C’tan Shard floats atop a scenic base composed of destroyed and broken noctilith. The blackstone structure has been shattered by the process of the power being torn from it, and as a result, numerous chunks of blackstone are floating throughout the lightning that dances around and elevates the C’tan Shard. Across a number of these pieces of blackstone, small Canoptek Scarabs can also be seen crawling and skittering.

The C’tan Shard is actually being controlled by a Canoptek construct attached to its back. Its claws rise above its shoulders, as well as threateningly around the C’tan’s neck, ready to strike should the essence of the raging star god within seek to escape its captivity.

From the back of the construct extends an elongated tail resembling vertebrae, which culminates in a twin-headed blade the construct can use to lash out at the enemy.

Attached to both the C’tan and construct’s body are large, stylised ‘wings’ that extend upwards and incorporate more blackstone in their construction. They crackle with the power of the digital lightning that pervades the C’tan Shard’s body.

Atop the C’tan Shard’s shoulders sits one of three choices of ornate head, each harnessing the power of blackstone. Yet where their faces would be, there is only a void…

Make no mistake, the C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon is an impressive kit. What’s more, you’ll be able to pre-order your own model this weekend! In the meantime, make sure your Necron phalanxes are up to speed with plenty of Warriors in preparation for its arrival.

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