A Saga of Two Hobbyists

Ever since the Fight of the Millennium was first announced, Warhammer Community hobbyists Martin Morrin and Eddie Eccles have been looking forward to getting their hands on the glorious new miniatures from Prophecy of the Wolf. Because they had both been good this year, we gave them a Ragnar and Ghazghkull to paint up – and here are the results! Let’s check in with them to see how they went about painting their shiny models…

Ragnar Blackmane

Martin: When I was offered the opportunity to paint Ragnar, I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted a Space Wolves army, so this was a great way to test out a colour scheme and method of painting. My goal was to get as close to the classic ’Eavy Metal colour scheme as possible, so I had a look around for some examples of the blue-grey armour. I took inspiration from master painter, and the designer of the miniature itself, Darren Latham.* He suggested a very quick and effective paint scheme that’s inspired me to move on to a full army.

I started with a Grey Seer spray followed by a zenithal spray of Corax White. Then it’s mostly Contrast paintsSpace Wolves Grey for the armour, Wyldwood for the fur, Guilliman Flesh for the skin, Nazdreg Yellow for the sword, and Black Templar for the hair as well as a base for the metallics. After that, I drybrushed the fur with Karak Stone and Screaming Skull, then painted the metal areas with Iron Hands Steel. For the red on the cloak, I blocked it out with Mephiston Red, layered it with Evil Sunz Scarlet and highlighted it with Wild Rider Red. Finally, I based the miniature with Stirland Mud texture paint which I then drybrushed in a lighter shade before adding some Valhallan Blizzard to finish.

I managed this in just two evenings, so overall I’m delighted with the results. I’m now looking forward to painting the rest of the Prophecy of the Wolf set and more besides!

Ghazghkull Thraka

Eddie: The new Ghazghkull miniature is probably the best Ork model ever. Dakka, smashin’, kunnin’, it has it all – I had to paint it.

I knew I wanted to include Ghazghkull alongside my growing Ork force, so I deviated a lot from the classic Goff black and opted instead to paint him in the colours of my existing army. Da Squig Town Scrappas,** as I call them, are a superstitious bunch even by Ork standards, so they make sure they have plenty of blue on their armour (for luck) and a bit of yellow (for added flashiness and dakka), as well as the odd splash of red (to help ’em get to the krumpin’ fasta). I carried those principles over to the big guy himself.***

I started out with Contrast paints over an undercoat of Wraithbone spray – specifically, Nazdreg Yellow and Talassar Blue for most of the armour plates.**** This gave me a very bright colour scheme, so I shaded and grubbied it up with a coat of Agrax Earthshade thinned with Contrast Medium before revisiting the highlights with Dorn Yellow and Baharroth Blue.

On the metal parts, I used this model as a chance to play around with some oxidation techniques. This was mostly achieved by watering down various Layer paints of orange and turquoise, and applying them to recesses in the armour where rust and copper oxide would naturally gather. And, of course, I painted the discarded (or possibly decapitated) Space Marine helmet on the base as an Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. The model is SO cool I’m probably going to pick up a second one to convert into a lesser Warboss to lead the Boyz when Ghazghkull can’t make it in person.

Thanks, gents! From this Saturday, you can download the new audio drama Saga of the Beast from Black Library and Audible, retelling the story of Ragnar’s hunt for Ghazghkull, to listen to while you paint! And even though recent events have prevented us from being able to ship out physical copies of Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast, you can still order your digital copy of the latest chapter in the series.

What’s on your painting desk at the moment? Show us what you’re working on by sharing photos on our Warhammer 40,000: Facebook page.

* Well, we certainly can’t think of a better mentor!
** Eddie has a growing Ork force that started life as a Kill Team and is now well on it’s way to being a full Warhammer 40,000 army. He even has an Aeronautica Imperialis Dakka Skwadron, all in the same colour scheme.

*** Luckily, even though he’s a Goff, Ghazghkull is recognised as da Boss of Bosses among greenskins, so most of his rules benefit all the Orks in your army!
**** Eddie likes to think that, when Ghazghkull turns up and swiftly assumes command, local Orks might give him bits of armour plate to replace any battle damage he’s suffered. After all, it’s likely he doesn’t care what colour his armour is, so long as there’s krumpin’ to be had!

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