A War For Hearts and Minds

The Psychic Awakening series has taken you to war zones across the galaxy, and the next book shifts the focus yet again, this time to the Eastern Fringe. Here, the bold soldiers of the Astra Militarum face a pair of heinous xenos threats – one that comes from without, and another that lurks within… Read on to find out what’s going on in The Greater Good and why it’s another unmissable entry in the series.

What’s It About?

The Greater Good is set in the Chalnath Expanse, where loyal Imperial worlds are torn between their faith in the Emperor and two other competing creeds. On many worlds across the region, Genestealer Cults rise up, and plans generations in the making come to fruition as the servants of the Star Children seek to throw off the yoke of their Imperial oppressors. 

For those who would resist the Patriarchs and their mutant followers, there is another, equally insidious lure – the Greater Good. The T’au Empire seeks to expand its influence across the Chalnath Expanse, bringing its philosophy of mutual cooperation for the benefit of all the primitive gue’la who misguidedly follow the Emperor.

The Imperium, for its part, simply wants its citizens to remain loyal – and will do anything to achieve this goal.

Who’s In It?

The Greater Good focuses on the the Imperium – in particular the Astra Militarum – battling both the invading T’au Empire and the rising tide of Genestealer Cults. Commander Shadowsun leads the Fifth Sphere Expansion of the T’au Empire forces into the strategically vital Chalnath Expanse, bringing her mastery of the Kauyon way of war – the art of the patient hunter – to these embattled worlds.

What Happens?

That would be telling! Let’s just say that The Greater Good shows war being waged in a few different ways. As well as open battle, both the T’au Empire and Genestealer Cults use their best wiles and surreptitious tactics to try to claim Imperial worlds for their own. In the book, you’ll see a planet tempted by the promises of the Greater Good – peace and prosperity within an empire that values every life. Certainly sounds appealing… Meanwhile, another world will see the insidious Pauper Princes cult rise up to overthrow their Imperial overlords – only to find that they face the T’au Empire as well.

Across the three war zones in the book, you’ll find many different kinds of conflicts, each of them telling thrilling stories of war being waged both on and off the battlefield. You’ll be able to pre-order your copy of Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good soon – and until then, check out the previous instalments in the series, and catch up on all the Psychic Awakening short stories to get you all caught up on the events that have transpired so far.

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