Adding Sisters of Silence to your army

The Talons of the Emperor boxed set is a great value way to add some elite troops to your Imperium army. We’ve already covered how the Custodian Guard in the kit make for a useful anchor for the rest of your force, but the sinister Sisters of Silence are just as powerful if used cleverly.

All of the Sisters of Silence are useful anti-Psyker units, with a stacking penalty to Psychic tests and re-rolls to wound in the fight phase against enemy witches. However, there are three distinct ways to equip your Sisters of Silence, each with its own role to play on the battlefield:


Prosecutors are the standard Sisters of Silence battleline infantry. Sporting a respectable 3+ Save and a better than average Move stat, they’re an interesting alternative to Space Marines – while they don’t have the same Toughness, against higher Strength attacks the point is moot. A unit of 5 Prosecutors is only 60 points, meaning if you’re just looking for a cost-efficient way to capitalise on the Psychic Abomination ability, this is a great way to do it. Finally, against vulnerable, unarmoured Psykers like the Malefic Lord, Primaris Psyker or certain Daemonic Heralds, the Prosecutors’ massed boltgun fire can rob your enemies of key support characters.


Vigilators are a superb choice against heavy infantry or multiple Wound models with a Toughness of 7 or lower. This is down to the executioner greatblade, a melee weapon that behaves like a power sword, but with a hefty D3 Damage. Chaos Terminators, Warbikers, and Crisis Battlesuits are going to struggle against a sudden assault from Vigilators.

Where Vigilators really come into their own is against Hive Tyrants, Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons. Re-rolls to wound against Psykers (thanks to the Witch Hunters ability) allows you to mitigate the relatively low Strength of the Sisters of Silence, while the -3 AP on the Executioner Greatblade is enough to carve through saves. A charging squad of Sisters of Silence has the potential to kill a Hive Tyrant in a single round of combat, or, at the very least, remove a considerable chunk of Wounds. 

If you’re looking to field your Sisters of Silence this way, a Null-Maiden Rhino should keep them safe as they advance up the battlefield – and, for canny players, is a great way to soak up Overwatch fire with a combined charge. Have yours make the charge first, absorb the attack with its massive Toughness and Wounds characteristic and then charge the Vigilators afterwards.


More than any other kind of Sisters of SIlence, the Witchseekers are a great all-around choice in an Imperium army. Besides their anti-Psyker abilities, being able to pack a ton of flamers into a single unit is brilliant, and even a small squad in a Null-Maiden Rhino is a brilliant anti-infantry unit. Chaos Cultists, Ork Boyz and Termagants are often used to shield enemy Psykers from harm – get your Witchseekers close, and you’ll be able to incinerate these units while messing with your opponent’s Psychic tests!

Culexus Assassins

While it’s not strictly part of the Talons of the Emperor set, a Culexus Assassin is a brilliant pick alongside the Sisters of Silence. By stacking Abomination with Psychic Abomination, you can leave enemy Psykers with -6 to both their Psychic tests and their Deny the Witch tests! Even Magnus the Red is going to struggle to cast anything more impressive than Smite when under such a combined assault.

In short, the Sisters of Silence are points efficient, versatile and useful in a range of Imperium armies. However you equip yours, a unit of 5 and a Null-Maiden Rhino can easily be slotted into a range of lists as a fantastic counter to Psykers, and can easily be geared to hunt light or heavy infantry depending on your requirements.

You can pick up your Sisters of Silence in the Talons of the Emperor boxed set:

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