Aeldari Kit Bash – Warhammer Community Team Conversions

The Howling Banshees and Incubi are available to pre-order this weekend. With these kits now deploying in plastic, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what conversions the Warhammer Community team could come up with.


I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of Exodite Aeldari, and so when I was given the chance to kit bash some Howling Banshees, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thankfully, I had built some Spite-Revenants long ago and had the Tree-Revenant bits of that kit left over, so a very simple yet very effective conversion took place. 

The wide array of sword-like weapons in the Revenant kit replaced the Banshee swords, giving each warrior a uniquely elegant weapon, but it’s the heads that are striking here. The long flowing hair lends an almost Mandrake-quality to these graceful and deadly warriors. The masks are etched to look like angered woodland spirits, and the sonic weapon they are so famed for employing has been placed inside the mask, rather than outside of it. I can see these warriors leaping from the treeline and falling upon any invaders with a ruthless fury.


In an article a few months back, I wrote about an Aeldari Craftworld of my own devising – Craftworld Kal’raktri. Since then, I’ve been tempted to jump back into the webway and make some more characters from this melancholic corner of the galaxy, and so was born Chandh’ra, a Howling Banshee Exarch. A close confidant of Farseer A’yilsha Mournsong, the two have suffered through terrible strife to safeguard their lonely craftworld, wandering the cold void of the outer galaxy.

The new Banshee kit is real fun to work with – there are lots of hidden extras that I wasn’t aware of and a lot of pieces to play with. Chandh’ra was a relatively simple conversion – her bow was taken from the Daughters of Khaine Melusai Blood Stalkers, with the arms cut at the elbows to help the two different styles blend together a bit easier. I’m now really excited to have a go at some more Aeldari characters, perhaps a Wraithlord or a character on a jetbike would be a really fun challenge! 


Traditionally, Autarchs are the perfect war machines, a fine balance of elegance and strategy. However, in the heart of every Aeldari beats a blood-wrath fragment of Khaine, and this is especially true of those from Craftworld Iybraesil. A largely matriarchal craftworld, Iybraesil fosters many Howling Banshee shrines and female Autarchs. Therefore, given the opportunity to kit bash some Banshees, I knew what I had to do…

The craftworld’s vanguard is predominantly formed of Howling Banshees, and so what would their Autarch be without a paralysing warcry? Knowing I wanted to feature the iconic mask, I set about ensuring that the model could both easily be distinguished as an Autarch and blend in with her Banshee-heavy warhost. Maintaining the wings was key, which fit well onto the banshee body. I also gave her the Autarch’s sword but used the Banshee legs to give her the impression of charging forwards, only too eager to add their deadly cries to the song of murder.


I’d been thinking of building a Drukhari kill team for a while now, being asked to kit bash an Archon sounded like the perfect excuse to get the project started.* Armed with a box of the new Incubi, a host of bits and some green stuff, I got a bit carried away and ended up making three!

For my first conversion, I kept the changes quite simple, swapping out the Incubi arms for a Power sword and Agoniser. Strictly speaking, it’s not a legal combo in game, but the rule of cool sometimes trumps the actual rules. I also chose a scarred head to emphasise that this guy likes to get up close and personal.

Having found an arm holding a wine goblet, I wanted to make use of it, so I added it to a female Kabalite Warrior’s chest and an Incubi body. I like to imagine this particular Archon strides around the battlefield disdainfully disintegrating her enemies while enjoying a refreshing beverage.**

For my final conversion, I wanted to try and create an Archon with a little more panache – a swashbuckling captain of a Drukhai space fleet. I ended up with this hip-shooting, cloak wearing, mysteriously masked Archon pirate, who I can’t wait to paint.


I’ve always been a fan of the Incubi, and I wanted an Archon who looked the part to lead these masterful mercenaries on their realspace raids. Thumbing through Codex: Drukhari, I read that Archons amass a diverse armoury over the millennia, so maybe this ruthless ruler has trained in an Incubi shrine or perhaps claimed the equipment of those who have failed him.

Converting the model started with a lot of dry fitting before I even considered gluing anything. I took a standard Archon and replaced the left arm with one holding a demi-klaive from the Klaivex. A spare helmet from the Incubi kit finished off the look. Finally, the ribbon tied around the left arm didn’t quite match the flow of the cloak and chains, so I used a sharp modelling knife to cut it just before the knot, then trimmed and angled it a little before gluing it back.


I have been an Aeldari collector for many years now, and more recently have been building up an Ynnari force, all painted in the reborn colours. I’ve been rather interested in small conversions to blur the gap between the crispness of Asuryani and the spiked armour plates of Drukhari to create true Ynnari versions of models.

For these Incubi I’ve removed a lot of the spikes from the armour, smoothing it out so that they feel a bit less Drukhari straight away. Then, I’ve gone for a classic change – adding in the smooth, faceless helms from the Reavers kit, which makes them more mysterious. To symbolise their strength from death, I’ve used some of the pieces from the Yncarne kit to add in some extra movement to the models. The plan is to make them the personal squad of the Visarch and, by extension, guardians of Yvraine.

Thanks, everyone! The Howling Banshees and Incubi are available to pre-order from Saturday. Make sure that you share your own conversions (Aeldari and otherwise) with us over on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

* Rules for fielding Archons in your skirmish games can be found in the Kill Team: Commanders Expansion Set.
** Never ask an Archon what’s in their cup, you really don’t want to know.

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