Aeldari Tactica: The Art of Combat

The Asuryani, Drukhari and Ynnari are famously dangerous at long range, utilising their highly advanced weaponry to annihilate their enemies from afar. However, they also possess some of the most formidable and well-equipped melee units in the game in the Howling Banshees and Incubi – and both of their stunning plastic kits are available separately for the first time this weekend! The trick is to ensure they get to the right place at the right time (and in one piece!) so read on and learn how…

Masters of Melee

Unlike many dedicated melee units in Warhammer 40,000, Howling Banshees and Incubi are universally equipped with armour-shredding melee weapons as standard. This offers a huge advantage, as they’re able to hack their way through light infantry with impunity and can rob more heavily armoured opponents of most, if not all, of their protection. However, they can’t just charge headlong into combat and expect to emerge victorious. After all, enemies often have an annoying habit of fighting back…

Despite their killing power in melee, Howling Banshees and Incubi come with a low Toughness value and only a single Wound. This means that simply throwing them at the enemy lines will likely see them wiped out having only achieved limited success. That being the case, there are two main considerations when taking the fight to the enemy with the Aeldari – picking the correct target(s) to attack and getting there safely.

Target Selection

The best targets for Aeldari melee specialists are small, elite units of enemies – preferably comprising models with a single Wound – so that you can hopefully wipe them out on the turn that you charge to avoid suffering their return attacks. Avoid engaging enemy vehicles* or large units of expendable infantry such as Ork Boyz or Termagants, as you’ll likely end up getting bogged down and hit by a fatal counter-attack. These units should be eliminated by units more suited to engaging hordes, such as Wyches or Striking Scorpions in close combat and Kabalite Warriors or Dire Avengers at range. This will leave your Howling Banshees and Incubi free to engage their targets of choice.** But if your charging unit needs a little boost to help get the job done, Stratagems such as Supreme Disdain, Onslaught and United in Death are great examples of ways to get the edge you may need.

Another (deadlier) way to ensure that your Howling Banshees and Incubi hit home with the desired effect is to support them with their respective paragons (who are also available to pre-order separately for the first time this weekend!) – Jain Zar or Drazhar. In the case of the Ynnari, the Visarch performs a similar role. Not only are these three blademasters some of the deadliest duellists in the game, but they all have abilities that provide additional benefits to friendly warriors nearby.

Ride to Victory

The most effective way to ensure that your melee units reach the enemy lines swiftly and intact is through the use of transport vehicles. However, as much as it can be tempting to field large units (or two smaller units) in Wave Serpents or Raiders due to their large transport capacities, they will also make tempting targets for the guns of your enemies. Stratagems such as Cloudstrike and Screaming Jets can help mitigate this, especially if you use terrain to block line of sight when you set up your vehicle. Even if your transports get shot, they’ll at least have delivered their valuable cargo where they need to be first!

Alternatively, instead of relying on transports to help you close on the enemy line in safety, the Webway Strike and Webway Portal Stratagems offer a nifty alternative for getting the jump on your opponent. Again, be careful of where you set up your unit(s) from the webway. If you leave them exposed and fail the subsequent charge roll, they’ll be sitting ducks – after all, even Howling Banshees with the 3” bonus to their charge rolls can still fail a 9” charge.

Regardless of which method you choose, avoid attempting to close on the enemy on foot with elite melee units at all costs, as they’re obvious threats and will likely end up getting shot to pieces. Leave that crude style of warfare to the mon-keigh!

So, those are the basics for helping you get the most from your Howling Banshees and Incubi covered – just remember, so long as you carefully consider which targets to aim for and how you plan on getting there, you can’t go far wrong.

If you’re looking to enhance your Asuyani, Drukhari and Ynnari with some hard-hitting combat specialists, the amazing, multipart plastic Howling Banshees and Incubi are both up for pre-order this weekend. Pick up a Wave Serpent or Raider today to set them up with a swift transport vehicle in preparation.

* If your desired target is skulking in a transport vehicle, don’t worry – use your other specialist units such as Fire Dragons or a Ravager to destroy it, then charge the juicy contents inside!
** Remember that even though the Banshee Mask ability of your Howling Banshees renders them immune to Overwatch, it won’t help against a well-timed Counter-offensive Stratagem, so take care when choosing which combat to resolve first…

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