Arena Mortis: New Cards

Arena Mortis comes with 40 extra cards that can be utilised by every warband. Naturally, these can be taken in addition to any other Upgrades and Gambits you already have, offering loads of new options and combos.

Let’s take a look at the Upgrades first. Remember that in Arena Mortis the lower your initial Wounds the more you’ll get right from the start. With that in mind, here are some of our top picks from the set.

These can be added to your player at the beginning of the game, based on the number of Wounds on their card, as well as during each subsequent round. Creating a strong Upgrade deck is key to mastering some of the ‘weaker’* fighters.


In Arena Mortis, your Fighters always come back – playthings of Nagash that they are – and this card lets you get the jump on someone when it happens. Use it to take revenge on your killer or pick on a weak target for an easy dispatch to get back into the action.

Frenzied Assault

Need to finish off a weakened opponent? Play Frenzied Assault to seal the deal with a cheeky extra attack. You’ll need a bit of luck, but fortune favours the bold, after all.

Heart Thief

Find yourself out of range but you still need to finish off an opponent? Make sure you’ve got Heart Thief in your deck to add a surprise Range 4 attack to your arsenal. It’s situational, but if you find yourself in the right place it can make the difference between victory and defeat!

Hungry for Vengeance

If you’re expecting to get taken out at least once (which you should be, this game is brutal) Hungry for Vengeance can turn defeat into an advantage. Boost your attacks after you’ve been Raised to counter insult with injury.

Spiteful Lunge

Don’t want to go out like a punk? You need Spiteful Lunge in your hand. You’ll get one last shot to roll a Crit before you’re taken out of action. If you manage it, your attacker goes down with you. Ah, sweet justice.

Weirding Staff

Wizards wield deadly energies, and the Weirding Staff grants them a unique spell that can cause extra damage when someone absolutely, positively MUST be roasted. Spend glory points to kick your eldritch blast up a notch.

You’ll have two chances to use Gambits each round, making them more crucial than ever. A strong set can make a huge difference, so choose wisely. Here are some of our faves from the new options.

A Risky Prospect

Quick glory or a fast-track to death? Why not both? A Risky Prospect is handy in a pinch to even the odds if it’s looking like you’re trailing far behind anyway. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, gain a respectable lead to discourage your opponents.

At Any Cost

Have a heavy hitter chomping at the bit? Get stuck in with a bonus Charge action. This Gambit isn’t advisable unless you’ve got a sizable lead – but if you do, why not push your luck?

Divine Reward

Nagash just loves a good show. Use Divine Reward to give your Fighter an extra boon after they take out an opponent. After all, if they’re on fire, why hold back?

Invigorating Return

Taken out and you want to do something about it? Spend your Raise counter to rush 2 hexes and get back into the action! Make them pay…

Last Gasp

Automatically deal 1 damage to an enemy fighter when you get taken out with Last Gasp. Revenge is sweet when it works out the way you want.

Revel in Death

Planning to do some dying (we’re looking at you, Gloomspite Gitz)? Use this Gambit to gain glory even in the face of death.

Are you excited about the new deck-building opportunities afforded by a completely new game mode? You should be. Pre-order Arena Mortis from Saturday to try it out for yourself. In the meantime, let us know what awesome combos you’re dreaming up on Facebook and Twitter. Or keep your secrets close to your chest…

* AKA more fun.

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