Armies on Parade: Orks by Andy Keddie

With Parade Day just around the corner in October [Editor’s Note: How on Holy Terra is it September already? It’s like we were just showing off St. Celestine for the first time only yesterday!), now is a great time to start getting your entries ready, and a great excuse to check out one of our favourites from last year. Today, we’re checking out Andy Keddie’s Orks, a simple but superbly executed board that immediately stands out.

The bright yellow of Andy’s army contrasts against the blues and greens of the ruins they’re based against; restrained use of terrain means that Andy’s army is immediately visually readable, even when posed in the midst of the ruins.

Even the placement of Andy’s models helps present them in the best possible light. The army isn’t particularly numerous, but by placing Orks at the front and centre as well as some hidden in the ruins behind the main force, there’s a sense that you’re looking at a much larger horde. Bikes to the front of the army peeling away add motion and dynamism to the display; it’s clear that this is any army mid-march, stopping only to shore up a key choke point.

Flyers are always a great touch on an Armies on Parade board, immediately adding another level of depth to the display. Particularly when an army has a lot of models of the same or similar height, it pays dividends to add some points of interest with a well-placed vehicle. In this case, the Ork Flyers visually occupy a huge amount of the board at a glance and mean that there’s something yellow and orky on every elevation.

Finally, look closely and you may spot a notorious Ork infiltrator on the board – Boss Snikrot is squirrelled away at the front. Subtle details like this help add narrative to an Armies on Parade board and reward a dedicated viewer.

There are loads more awesome entries from last year in the Armies on Parade gallery – if you’re looking for inspiration or just want to see some great hobby, make sure to check them out.

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