Army Showcase – James Karch’s Sons of Guilliman

James Karch has many hobbyists’ dream job – as Warhammer World’s Studio Manager, he oversees the creation of awesome dioramas for the exhibition hall, the most recent of which is a massive clash between the Dark Angels and Death Guard.

As you’d expect, James’ personal hobby is pretty awesome too. He’s amassed a sizeable force of Sons of Guilliman Space Marines. We recently featured this army on Warhammer TV, where James got to test drive the Redemptor Dreadnought*, and today, we’re taking a closer look at this beautifully painted collection:

James: I’ve been a Space Marines fan for as long as I can remember. From way back in the early days of Rogue Trader right up until now, I’ve had countless Space Marines armies ranging from Ultramarines (three or four times) to Space Wolves, and from Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard through to Grey Knights. My current Space Marine Chapter of choice is the Sons of Guilliman. They first came to my attention via the Ultramarines series of novels by Graham McNeill, where the main character Uriel Ventris discovers and uses a set of Sons of Guilliman armour whilst on his way back to Macragge (in ‘The Killing Ground’). I was suitably inspired, so took the time to look into the Chapter a little further. I love the colour mix, and the quartered blue and white gives me a real opportunity to practise my straight line and freehand skills.

I currently have over half of a battle company of Sons of Guilliman painted, and with the release of the new Warhammer 40,000 there came an opportunity to expand that force with some nice new Primaris Space Marines. For me, the Dark Imperium set was the ideal way to start adding them to my existing force. I’ve added a fair bit to date – I currently have a few squads of Intercessors painted, along with all the characters and a couple of Redemptor Dreadnoughts.

On the subject of Dreadnoughts, I’ve always had a bit of a theory that no Space Marines army is complete without a Dreadnought or two, and my Sons of Guilliman are no different. Whilst there was a Venerable Dreadnought within the ranks of my existing force, I couldn’t pass up the chance to add a couple of Redemptors. The model really is a thing of beauty – it’s a stunning kit, and with all the firepower they can put out, they’re definitely going to be a regular addition to my (and more than likely a lot of people’s) Space Marines army.

Right now, if I could pick a favourite unit from the army it would have to be the Inceptors. Whilst I admit to not being totally keen on them initially, having now painted them in my Chapter colours, they’re pretty much my favourite looking unit in my army. In terms of what they do on the battlefield, what’s not to love about Space Marines plummeting from high atmosphere towards their chosen target? They’re able to essentially land where they like and put out a massive amount of firepower as a threat to all enemies of the Imperium.

Next up, I’ll be adding pretty much a bit of everything that’s new – but most importantly a couple of Repulsor tanks to help keep my Intercessors safe whilst they move across the battlefield. Again, it’s a beautiful new kit and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or two).

If you’re inspired and fancy starting a Space Marines army of your own, now is a great time, with loads of new units and a brand new codex available – get yours from Games Workshop.

*On the tabletop – while James is a storied hero at Games Workshop, he’s not been interred in a Dreadnought. Yet.

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