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Traitor Legions

The Traitor Legions are back in force, and we spoke to Studio writer Phil Kelly to get an overview of what Chaos Space Marines fans can expect from this newest heretical tome in their arsenal:


Phil: The Traitor Legions are the ultimate nemeses of the Space Marines. They are the dark reflection of the Adeptus Astartes, epitomes of unrelenting evil – and with the cool spiky armour to prove it. Codex: Chaos Space Marines allows you to field whole armies of these heretical super-warriors – it is a volume intended to cover the whole spectrum of those who worship the Ruinous Powers, from renegades to cultists to daemon engines.

Traitor Legions is a book intended to build on that foundation with a far more specific focus. It delves deeply into nine factions from the prehistory of the Imperium – those brotherhoods of Space Marines who turned to Chaos and have never looked back. The book is the spiritual descendent of the dark and gribbly Chaos codexes of yesteryear. It has all the rich character that has enraptured so many wargamers over the years, bolstered by a host of new information and gritty details.

The Legions: Much like the Space Marine Chapters of the First Founding, the Traitor Legions now have not only extensive background but also a clutch of bespoke special rules. First up are the Black Legion, galaxy-scarring host of Abaddon the Despoiler himself. Close behind are the blood-mad World Eaters, putrid Death Guard, sorcerous Thousand Sons, and hedonistic Emperor’s Children. Alongside them come the siege masters of the Iron Warriors, the darkly devout Word Bearers, the terrifying Night Lords and finally the Alpha Legion, most mysterious (and slippery) of all.



Formations: Legion-specific formations that allow you to use new play styles and battlefield tactics, each intended to inspire you to look at your collection with fresh eyes and try out exciting new tricks.

Legion Relics: Bolstering the special rules and reinforcing each Legion’s way of war are ancient and magical relics – six powerful items for each of the nine factions. We had tremendous fun coming up with these and making them characterful and to use on the battlefield.


Warlord Traits: The leaders of each Traitor Legion warband have their own diabolical ways of making war and tearing down the works of the False Emperor. These are now represented by a set of Warlord Traits for each legion.

Tactical Objectives: Fans of Maelstrom of War missions will relish the chance to seed their Tactical Objectives decks with six new cards, each tailored to the distinct style of battle that their Legion is know for using.


Overall, this companion tome is a treasure trove of cool new tricks and treats. Chaos Space Marines players will have much to delve into, breathing new life into their armies and waging the Long War against the loyalist lapdogs of the Golden Throne.

Index Chaotica: Apocrypha

And while you’re getting a good “Death to the False Emperor!” war cry ready for your next battle, you should check out Index Chaotica: Apocrypha.


This book, like the Index Astartes: Apocrypha that was recently released, has loads of articles from the earliest days of establishing the Chaos Gods (along with their mortal and daemonic minions) as the arch-nemeses of the Imperium. It’s quite fascinating to see the evolution of both the story and the miniatures as they developed into the vast and varied setting we have today.


They also both make great gifts!

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