Battlezone Pariah – The Story So Far…

The Nephilim Sector, situated within the Ultima Segmentum, plays host to a region of space that has recently become known as the Pariah Nexus. We first learned about the eerie goings-on there in Book 9 of the Psychic Awakening series – events which continued with the arrival of Indomitus (in the Edge of Silence booklet and novel of the same name). With the imminent arrival of a Crusade campaign expansion based in Battlezone Pariah, we thought we’d bring you right up to date with current events.

The Zone of Silence

The region that would become known as the Pariah Nexus earned its dread reputation when all outbound communications were suddenly silenced. Something had smothered the entire region’s connection to the warp, making the ability to send astropathic messages functionally impossible. No Tyranid splinter fleets had been reported in that sector, making the cause of the psychic silence – a symptom often associated with the oppressive Shadow of the Hive Mind – even more mysterious.

In truth, the visionary Cryptek Illuminor Szeras had erected a great network of blackstone pylons at waypoints across outlying systems in order to suppress the effects of the warp – though none knew of his presence or fell purpose. Yet this disturbing turn of events had nonetheless unsettled the one being in the Imperium with both the foresight to see the growing danger and authority to act upon it…

The Indomitus Crusade Sets Forth

At Guilliman’s command, the largest gathering of Imperial might since the Great Crusade set forth across the stars from the Sol System to aid a beleaguered Imperium still reeling from the disastrous aftermath of the Cicatrix Maledictum. One of the crusade’s battle groups, Kallides, was tasked with entering the Pariah Nexus and investigating the cause of the warp silence.

When the group arrived at the edge of the Zone of Silence, the fleet’s Navigators and Astropaths could not perceive what lay within the Pariah Nexus, describing a shimmering veil of mist that hung in front of their psychic sight. Task Force III, led by a veteran force of Ultramarines, was dispatched to investigate and made planetfall upon the mining world of Vertigus II. Disturbingly, the Ultramarines found no trace of the planet’s many millions of inhabitants – not even within the capital of M’tallonis – and they were beset by an unnatural feeling of unease. Then, the Necrons came for them…

The Pariah Crusade

With the source of the eerie silence in the Pariah Nexus revealed at last, the military elements of Task Force III immediately set about engaging the Necrons forces, but as they pushed further and further into the Zone of Silence, the full magnitude of what they faced became more apparent. A new and terrifyingly powerful Necron empire had emerged, and they had a master plan to purge all life from the galaxy, leaving the immortal androids to inherit the stars once more. Worse still, that plan was already well underway!

Things are certainly heating up in the Pariah Nexus, it’s fair to say! The cool thing is, you’ll soon be able to set your Crusade games in this foreboding battlezone with the upcoming Beyond the Veil Mission Pack expansion. In addition to 24 brand-new Crusade missions (six for each size of game), the 112-page book provides new Agendas, Battle Traits, and Relics of the Nexus, as well as high-level background information on the Pariah Nexus and more besides. Whether you’re a fan of Crusade or just enjoy reading all about the ever-evolving background of Warhammer 40,000, make sure you pre-order your copy next weekend. On that note, check back with us in a few days to learn more about Beyond the Veil in our Sunday Preview!

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