Battlezones and Tactical Deployment: Game On!

Wherever you play Warhammer – at your local club, in your school on a lunch break, or at home – you want a battlefield that looks great and is easy to use. Warhammer 40,000 Battlezones are here to make sure that’s not just a dream, but a glorious reality. Here’s why.

With an awesome gaming board and fantastically detailed terrain, the new Battlezone kits are just what you need to take your setup to the next level.

Battlezone in a Box

The new Warhammer 40,000 Battlezone range is designed to let you get your game on quickly and easily. With a kit like Battlezone: Manufactorum – Vertigus, you can essentially turn up to your gaming session with all the terrain you need for a Combat Patrol or Incursion game! If you and your opponent both have a set, you can play a mighty Strike Force game!

It’s literally never been more straightforward to bring along everything you need – the high-quality card gameboards in Vertigus are super-easy to transport, and look rad on the battlefield. Just think how cool your Warhammer club’s gaming sessions will look.

Don’t have a massive, fully stocked gaming hall to call upon? Host a Tactical Deployment event, where folks bring along their own terrain – and use it to secure victory!

Tactical Deployment

Aside from being an incredible terrain offer, the new Battlezone sets plug in beautifully to the latest Chapter Approved Mission Pack, which brings Tactical Deployment to your games. Loaded with new terrain-focused missions, this unlocks enormous potential for new strategies as you play – and is also a new way of playing! 

Tournament Organisers have long struggled with making sure there’s enough great Warhammer 40,000 terrain on their tables. By running a Tactical Deployment event, each player gets to bring their own terrain – and even paint it to match their army if they want. Not only does this make holding an event easier than ever before, but it adds a whole new tactical dimension to the games in your events too!

We’re all hyped for when gaming (and the world in general) gets back to normal. If gaming’s not back on in your area, bunker down and hobby on. When the all-clear is sounded, you’ll have a sweet Battlezone to play across with your mates!

Ready, Set, Game!

Whatever your gaming environment, whether it’s a socially distanced duel with a close friend in your front garden, a lunchtime encounter in your Warhammer club, or that oft-dreamed-of mega-tournament or narrative campaign weekend, Battlezones and the new Tactical Deployment missions are the bomb!

It all goes on pre-order tomorrow, and it’s the perfect time to get started – get your terrain built and painted and be ready for when gaming is back on the menu in your area. Just imagine how sweet it’s going to feel when you and your clubmates start deploying your amazing terrain together! You can see an awesome painting guide for it right here.

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