Black Library New Releases: Castellan

Castellan Crowe is one of the 41st Millennium’s most compelling characters. In a Chapter known for its purity and dedication, this stalwart warrior stands out above his peers. Crowe is not just a talented warrior but the warden of the Black Blade of Antwyr, an indestructible Daemonsword that only he can keep at bay, ever resisting its siren call to embrace its full power.

Today, thanks to Black Library and David Annandale, the story of Crowe continues in ‘Castellan’, the latest entry in his series looking at this most indomitable of Grey Knights. Continuing on from ‘Warden of the Blade’, this book follows Crowe as he desperately fights for survival as the world of Sandava III is swallowed by the Cicatrix Maledictum. If you’re interested in how the Grey Knights fight in the new age of Warhammer 40,000, this book is a great way to explore it!Castellan is available to pre-order right now – pick it up from Black Library.

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