Blood Bowl and Necromunda at the London Grand Tournament

The London Grand Tournament is almost here – a fast-growing event in the UK that aims to bring all the thrills of a US-style tournament to the homeland of Warhammer. We caught up with organiser Zach to find out more…

Zach: Like most 20 year veterans of the Warhammer hobby, I’ve fond memories not just of blasting Orks in the face with my Space Marines, but also running up and down ladders and diving around corners to make a sweet headshot with my Escher gang, and weaving past that Chaos Blitzer to score an amazing touchdown with my Elven Union team. The so-called “Specialist Games” have always held a special place in our hearts at the LGT, and this May we’re super stoked to be bringing some organised events for these games to London! Here are a few words from our event leads on what you can expect at the LGT.

Jay: I’ve always been a huge fan of Blood Bowl, whether that’s due to the simple rules set, the plethora of different teams available to a coach or, more likely, the chance to replicate epic sporting moments and going for glorious plays to wow your opponent. The fact remains the same – Blood Bowl is excellent, and I can think of no other reason needed to run a massive Blood Bowl tournament to celebrate this fact.

With the relaunch of the game, not only were experienced coaches gifted with a cool new boxed set with incredible new miniatures, but a new generation of players were able to experience Blood Bowl for the first time. This was something that appealed to me as a life-long Blood Bowl player – the opportunity to get my friends to jump in and give Blood Bowl a go.

With so many new coaches starting the game, most players found it easy to pick up and learn as they played with other rookie coaches. This gave us the brilliant idea of running a beginner-friendly event for new players and seasoned pros alike. After some hugely successful smaller events, the Hard 6 crew have teamed up with the LGT to bring your their biggest and best event yet.

The LGT Blood Bowl GT will be held on May 18th and 19th at the Olympic Stadium in London but, like all of the events, we wanted to keep this friendly to new coaches. It’s set to be an “all welcome” event with rookie coaches pitching their plays against coaches of all different skill levels. Even if you’ve only played a couple of games of Blood Bowl and you have a team you would like to field, there’s no reason not to attend the event. The field is filling with coaches ranging in experience from those entering their first event, through to some of the country’s best players – so it’s a great opportunity to come down, play some amazing games and perhaps take home some silverware.

There’s a whole host of awards for players at the event and a strong community vibe enabling you to meet new people to play against in the future. There are optional ‘socials’ in the evenings as well as pickup games. So with that in mind you can be sure you will be made to feel welcome and enjoy your two days of total and utter Blood Bowl mayhem.

Dave: For over a decade, YakTribe have been leading the charge on all things Necromunda. This amazingly passionate community are proud to join with the LGT to bring a battle for the underhive to the real-life hive city that is London. With several veterans volunteering to help run the events on the weekend and a unique event format, the event is designed to be a fun and friendly series of scenarios that focus on objective achievement. This means that you’ll be able to play with either a fine attention to strategy and go for the big win or focus on the rule of cool to duck, dive and dodge your way to the enemy while blasting in all directions (and hopefully hitting something!), without having to worry about lasting casualties.

Will you be able to secure victory and claim the spire and all the riches it contains? Join us for this great event and find out!

Zach: Chances are, whatever system you enjoy most, there’s an event for you at the LGT. Our 425+ player Warhammer 40,000 GT is now sold out, but there are limited tickets available for the Age of Sigmar GT and the Horus Heresy narrative events remaining, as well as loads of Friday night gaming opportunities, whether it’s Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire or our Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar doubles tournaments. So head over to our website and get your ticket before they’re gone!

Thanks Zach! Learn more about the London Grand Tournament and grab your tickets here.

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