Blue through and through – Nick’s Ultramarines

As the Warhammer Community team’s resident Ultramarines fan and honorary son of Macragge, our Nick was quick to add the returned Primarch Roboute Guilliman to his collection:

Nick: We’re Back in Blue

It’s official: Roboute Guilliman is back in town and he’s here to save the galaxy. Like the true hero of the ages he is, he’s awoken just as the Gathering Storm threatens to engulf the Imperium, ready to set things straight and save mankind from the brink of destruction. Make no mistake, I’m been a massive Ultramarines fan for years and seeing my Primarch return to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000 is about as exciting a prospect as I can remember.

But outside my giddy fits of fanboy-esque giggling and the utter delight I had in painting this wonderful model, Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch has given me a huge wealth of material to make my army even more Ultra* than before. Here’s what I have planned…

Roboute Guilliman: The Tactical Genius

Well, he’s the star of the show and deserves top billing. For the bargainous cost of 350 points, my army is now led by the greatest tactician and warrior the galaxy has ever known**. Roboute Guilliman is the all-round force-multiplier character; that is to say, the rest of my army gets better just for putting Guilliman on the field.

Aside from his monstrous combat ability (more on that later), Guilliman offers you the kind of tactical options you would expect from the man who wrote the Codex Astartes:

Lord Commander of the Imperium: This lets Imperial units re-roll all failed Morale, Fear and Pinning tests, so none of my units will ever feel the need to “tactically withdraw” again.. *ahem*.  

Primarch of the XIII Legion: Ultramarines can use each of their Combat Doctrines once per game, but Guilliman allows them to use them all a second time. This means that in a standard 5 or 6-turn game, I can use a combat doctrine EVERY turn. My plan is to use the Devastator and Tactical Doctrines early on, meaning my whole army is re-rolling at least the 1’s to hit, and then use the Assault doctrine later on once combat is joined.

I’ll be rocking two units of Devastator Centurions with grav-cannons and grav-amps so they will be re-rolling their misses and all their wounds.

Warlord Trait: Absolute Mastery: Ok, this is the real show-stopper. As his Warlord Trait, Guilliman knows all of the Command Traits from Warhammer 40,000: The Rules. That means:

  • All units near to him use his Leadership (and don’t forget, they can re-roll failed tests).
  • Nearby enemy units must always use their lowest Leadership.  
  • All nearby units have Move Through Cover AND add a bonus to Run and Charge distances
  • All nearby friendly units re-roll hits of a 1 in shooting AND assault.

So, Guilliman will let me re-roll both my Leadership tests, and just about every failed roll to hit in the army, and helps my models move faster.

And that’s all before we get to…

Roboute Guilliman: The Combat Monster

Guilliman is like an unkillable machine of destruction, as is befitting of one of the Emperor’s sons. If boasting huge stats wasn’t enough, he carries The Emperor’s Sword, which sets folks alight, concusses them, and banishes massive Daemons on one hit with Strength D attacks.

I should know, as the first time I used him was in a game was over on Warhammer Live where he smited Skarbrand in combat, dealing a massive twelve wounds on the Greater Daemon with one hit, having already dispatched a Daemon Prince and a horde of Bloodletters as a warm-up.

He’s literally a Monstrous Creature, and if anyone is lucky enough to kill him… well, he may well just come straight back again thanks to his Armour of Fate. There is very little that can stand up to him in combat, able as he is to harvest whole units, characters and monsters with ease. He is the single most devastating fighter that has ever been available to me as a Space Marines player.

It’s not all about Guilliman…

Roboute Guilliman might be the obvious focus of my doe-eyed admiration, but Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch has a lot more to offer.

The Victrix Guard

This new Formation sees Captain Sicarius leading the Ultramarine veterans to war. The big boon to this is that all models in the formation get a +1 to their Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill. I haven’t got any Veterans units painted yet, but the idea of BS 5 Sternguard Veterans means this formation is going to get painted next for certain.

The Victrix Strike Force

This Detachment is made up of a number of Formations taken from Codex: Space Marines and The Victrix Guard and may be led by Guilliman. The Command Benefit lets me call multiple Combat Doctrines in the same turn, which is normally not allowed. Combine that with Guilliman giving me twice as many doctrines, and you could be calling, for example, the Devastator AND Tactical doctrines in the first two turns, giving you re-rolls to hit for just about all of your long range shooting units in the turns in which the enemy are closing in.

That means those Centurions, my Devastators and all my Tactical Squads will be re-rolling ALL failed hits for the first two turns. Sweet Emperor’s Throne; we Ultramarines may just halt this Gathering Storm on our own!

So there we have it; Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch means my Ultramarines have gained both a host of new rules to smite the foe, but also a massive injection of narrative into the force. Now my army of true sons of Macragge can finally be led by our Primarch into battle, wreathed in the glory deserving of the best Space Marines Chapter there is.

*Actually a term I use on a daily basis. I think my colleagues ultra-hate it.
** Andy C, servant of Lorgar and the Ruinous Powers, says otherwise. But deep down, even he knows he’s wrong. Maybe.

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