Breakneck combat in the Dark City

The new boxed game ‘Gangs of Commorragh‘ is now available to pre-order.

This game of fast-paced aerial combat in the spires of the Dark City is a fully self-contained game, with two gangs and all the rules and counters you need to play (you’ll still need glue and paint though).

The gangs consist of a mix of Hellions on skyboards or Reaver Jetbikes, and the game allows for a huge amount of customisability, utilising the full kit for both types of model and all the options that come with it.

The game itself is fast-paced and frantic, rewarding a tactical player who can think ahead, but also one who is willing to take opportunities as they arise. If you’re curious to see exactly how, you can see it being played by the game devlopers on the Warhammer Live Twitch feed from Thursday’s (January 19th) broadcast.

Even for the miniatures alone, this box is a great deal – 6 Reavers and 10 Hellions make for a great start to an airborne raiding force from the Dark City.

You can pre-order the new box now.

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