Bring on the Bodyguards

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Sometimes even a Primarch needs a little protection, and the best chaperones in the Dark Angels Legion are the Deathwing Companions. Today, we’re taking a closer look at these new models, available to pre-order from Forge World right now.

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The finest warriors and longest-serving veterans among the Deathwing form the ranks of the Companions. Those who have taken a death-blow meant for an officer under their protection are granted the right to wear bone-white armour in recognition of their selfless devotion to the Legion.

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The Companions are clad in the finest armour and equipped with the best weapons and most esoteric equipment the Legion can provide, making them a real threat in their own right. However, where they really excel is in their selfless devotion to the officer in their charge. On the tabletop, this is reflected by the Death-sworn Companions rule.

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Whether you’re looking for extra protection for your Characters in the Horus Heresy, a magnificent painting project, or a base for some Warhammer 40,000 Dark Angels veterans conversions, these models are ideal.

The Deathwing Companions are available from the Forge World webstore. Pre-order them now – your Dark Angels Characters will thank you for it.

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