Building Primaris Space Marines

With a new era of Warhammer 40,000 dawning, you’ll want to get stuck in and gaming with the new rules and new models as soon as possible. We know a lot of you have already got your Dark Imperium boxed set ordered, and if you’re anything like us, you’re eager to get them built. We’ll be running a five-part series this week, covering how you can muster your forces for a new millennium of warfare with building and painting guides for any level of hobbyist. We think it’s some of our best work ever, and it could be yours too!

To kick off the week, we have a guide on how to build your Primaris Space Marines.

While there’s a fairly solid chance that if you’re reading this you’ve built a Space Marine of some flavour before, it’s worth refreshing your knowledge with our How to Build guide; it never hurts to brush up your skills and the box features a few new units, from variations on old classics – such as the plasma-toting Hellblasters or rapid-assault Inceptors – to brand new champions such as the Captain in Gravis armour. Even the Intercessors have a few twists on the classic marine design that you may have missed. In addition, the upcoming Fate of Konor global campaign will be offering points for building and painting, so your hard work could end up giving your favourite faction a tactical advantage!

If you’ve not yet pre-ordered your copy of Dark Imperium, you can guarantee that a copy is secure and with you for launch day via our online store, or come down to one of our stores. With your Primaris Space Marines built, you’re already halfway to playing the new edition – come back tomorrow to see how to build your Death Guard.

There are plenty more on the way too. Here’s what other free video guides you can look forward to in the coming days:

How to Build: Primaris Space Marines

How to Build: Death Guard

Ready for Battle: Primaris Captain
How to Paint: Primaris Captain

Ready for Battle: Lord of Contagion
How to Paint: Lord of Contagion

Ready for Battle: Poxwalker
How to paint: Poxwalker

Dark Imperium is in stores this weekend.

Order your copy here:

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