Cadia Stands… On Your Shelves

If you avidly follow the Warhammer Facebook page, you may have seen a teaser recently for Astra Militarum action figures. Today, we can show you the first figure in this new range, and let you know when – and how – you’ll be able to get it!

This incredible depiction of a Cadian Officer is produced by our friends at Green Wolf Studios. It stands 30cm tall (that’s 12″ in Warhammer measurement), and as you can see, the detail is nothing short of stunning. From the weathered fatigues to the bionic eye and chainsword, this figure really brings one of the scions of fallen Cadia to life.

You’ll be able to get your eager hands on this incredible Cadian Officer through a Kickstarter campaign that Green Wolf Studios will be running from the 2nd of October. To find out more about the campaign, and to be among the first to see more Astra Militarum action figures, follow Green Wolf Studios on Facebook

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