Celebrate 30 Years of Warhammer 40,000: Top 5 Mutations

How *do* you properly celebrate 30 years of the most popular wargame in the world? For one, there’s the collector’s Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant, while here at Warhammer Community, we’ve gone list mad. Working in cooperation with our friends at White Dwarf, we’ve compiled some Top 5s to celebrate our favourite things in the 41st Millennium.

Our first Top 5 is Mutations – after all, what would Warhammer 40,000 without a healthy dose of the grotesque?

  1. Abhumans

Abhumans are mutants, humans who have, through deliberate genetic manipulation or chance mutation, fallen out of acceptable bounds for genetic purity. These range from the feral Beastmen to fan favourites like the Ogryns and Ratlings. Popular rumours abound of diminutive, intrepid humans called Squats, but such talk is surely rumour and happenstance.

  1. The Red Thirst and the Black Rage

The Blood Angels are dignified, elegant warriors – with a dark secret. Every Blood Angel is possessed of a deep genetic flaw known as the Red Thirst that compels them to drink the blood of their foes. Others succumb to the Black Rage, an incurable delusion that causes a Blood Angel to believe he is Sanguinius, locked in final battle with the traitor Horus – such warriors serve in the Death Company, possessed of ferocious, lunatic strength.

  1. The Pariah Gene

Unlike most over living beings, individuals with the Pariah mutation have no connection to the warp. The very presence of a Pariah is sickening to a normal human as the aura of psychic void that surrounds these blanks causes disorientation and discomfort to those around them. If someone is a psyker of any real power, the effect is even stronger and can even be painful. Pariahs are weaponised by the Imperium in the form of the deadly Culexus Assassins and the loyal Sisters of Silence.

  1. Wulfen

All Space Wolves bear the Canis Helix in their gene-seed, a unique mutation that grants them lupine abilities. This manifests itself in the form of wolf-like fangs, claws and long, mane like hair. Some Space Wolves degenerate into Wulfen, gaining enormous strength and speed at the cost of ever existing on the brink of animalistic fury – a state of affairs that the Inquisition is none too pleased with.

  1. The Psyker Gene

Psykers define the 41st Millennium, given the power to tear reality apart and reshape it at will – at the cost of inviting the deadly attentions of the dark beings that dwell in the warp. Psykers are considered mutants by the Imperium, either hunted for being too dangerous or put to work by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica as messengers, weapons, or fuel for the Golden Throne…

If you want to see more Top 5s, come back to Warhammer Community tomorrow, or order this month’s White Dwarf for loads more!

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