Celebrate 30 Years of Warhammer 40,000: Top 5 Rivals

The universe of Warhammer 40,000 isn’t a place that’s overflowing with brotherly love and companionship – even on a good day, any given branch of the Imperium is on the brink of open war with another branch, the Chaos Legions are only an ugly glance away from attacking their own (he’s called Khârn the *Betrayer* for a reason) and even Tyranid Hive Fleets will happily turn on one another in search of biomass. However, some enmities stand out even among the hate filled 41st Millennium, rivalries that make the differences between the Craftworlds and Drukhari look like a brotherly spat.

5: The Ultramarines and the Word Bearers

Since Roboute Guilliman razed the Word Bearers’ “Perfect City” of Monarchia on the world of Khur – at the Emperor’s command – Lorgar’s sons have despised the Ultramarines. They took their revenge in the Battle of Calth (an event so dramatic we made a boxed game about it!) and thus began a ten thousand year feud.

4:The Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors

These rival Space Marine Legions are both infamous for their obstinacy, making their rivalry particularly bitter, involving all manner of vile betrayals. The Iron Cage, for instance, saw the Iron Warriors lure the Imperial Fists into besieging a fortress – only for it to turn out to be a deadly trap once they breached the gates.

3: The Eldar and Slaanesh

Slaanesh hungers for the souls of the Aeldari, a state of affairs  they are understandably not particularly pleased about. Since the birth of Slaanesh, these ancient foes have clashed time and time again, with their bitter struggles managing to unite Drukhari, Craftworlds and Harlequins against their ancient foe.

2: The Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves were never natural allies – the former, a group of scholarly warrior priests looking to understand the universe, the latter, a group of battle-hungry warriors who disdain Psykers (except for Rune Priests – it’s complicated!). Tensions between these Legions has been high ever since the Space Wolves burned Propsero and almost destroyed the Thousand Sons for good.

1: The Alpha Legion and the Inquisition

While the goals – or even the loyalties – of the Alpha Legion aren’t clear, one thing is certain: their methods throw the Imperium into utter chaos. When a cult springs up on a previously unblemished world, or a seemingly loyal regiment of Astra Militarum turns traitor, there’s a good chance the Alpha Legion is behind it in some way. This brings them into frequent conflict with the Inquisition, who despise Chaos (and perhaps despise uncertainty even more)

Do you agree? Any deep-seated rivalries you think we missed out, like the Crimson Fists and the Orks, or Khârn the Betrayer and anyone standing next to Khârn the Betrayer? Let us know on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page, or order this month’s White Dwarf for even more Top 5s.

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