Celebrate 30 Years of Warhammer 40,000: Top 5 Squigs

SQUIGS. In a galaxy full of bizarre beasties – Ambulls, Grox, Caryatid, and more besides – none quite compare to the humble Squig. They may not have much in the way of brains, or even any internal organs apart from a rudimentary digestive system, but these loyal creatures punch far above their weight, occupying a variety of roles in Ork society.

Following on from yesterday’s Top 5, where we checked out mutations, today, we’re picking the Top 5 Squigs in the 41st Millennium.

  1. Attack Squig

With a bite strong enough to behead a Space Marine, the Attack Squig is a worthy companion for many an Ork Warboss. Should the Warboss find himself stuck without supplies, it also doubles up as a nutritious snack.

  1. Bomb Squig

A Squig will chase anything that moves, and many Tankbustas take advantage of this by strapping them with contact mines and explosives before turning them loose upon the enemy, making for a crude but effective strategy – provided the Squig runs the right way.
(As a bonus, we happen to have an audio recording of a Bomb Squig… have a listen HERE.)

  1. Targeting Squig

Quite how the Squigs on the shoulders of some Flash Gitz make them more accurate is a mystery. Perhaps they whisper encouraging grunts in the ear of their companions, or perhaps it has something to do with the targeting reticule in their eye.

  1. Squig Hound

Trained to be particularly intelligent and vicious, Squig Hounds help keep order among the lowly Grots that swarm alongside Orkish armies. They do this by eating any Grot that tries to flee from battle, impressing on the rest the value of honour.

  1. Squiggoth

These gigantic Squigs can toss tanks aside with their huge tusks, or break enemy fortifications like a living battering ram. Often, Orks will turn these beasts into living fortresses that rival even Titans in sheer power.


When an Ork wants to impress his mates, and doesn’t have a skull or ten to hand, he simply grabs a Hair Squig – these beasts are exceptionally hirsute, and, when biting onto an Ork’s head, give the impression of a beautiful flowing mane of hair.

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