Choosing the right Chapter Tactic for your Successors

Warhammer Community’s Sarah is a master of Warhammer lore, and with the new Space Marines codex coming out soon, she’s diving deep into the history of the Space Marines to choose a sufficiently obscure Successor Chapter for her army – the only question is, which Chapter Tactic should she pick for her army? If you’ve got a Chapter of your own creation, or a successor with an unknown founding Chapter, this is a decision you’ll have to make when the codex is out – Sarah has some handy suggestions for how you could go about this.

Sarah: The new Space Marine codex isn’t just about the First Founding – there’s loads of information in there about successors old and new. Initially, I wanted to start a Rift Stalkers – these guys are Raven Guard successors, so naturally, use their Chapter Tactics. However, I fancied something more heraldic, so decided to dive into the more mysterious Successor Chapters for something distinctive and unusual.

The Blood Ravens, who star in the Dawn of War series, are much loved by Warhammer fans. If I were doing these guys, I’d probably take a Supreme Command Detachment with a few Librarians, then use the Siege Masters Chapter Trait from the Imperial Fists to represent the powerful bolter-armed Tactical Squads that make up the bread and butter of any Dawn of War army.

The right Chapter Tactic for the Fire Lords is an easy choice – the Salamanders are the undisputed masters of flamecraft. Their Master Artisans trait is great for making the most of special weapons in Fire Lords squads, while their flamer-based stratagem is also pretty fitting.

The Black Dragons are one of the most shadowy Chapters in the 41st Millennium, rumoured to use brutal osseus blades that spring from their forearms to devastate their foes in close combat. For these guys, the Black Templars Chapter Tactics, with their re-rolls to charges seems like a natural pick.

Each Exorcists Space Marine is a survivor of daemonic possession, and so I imagine they’d be pretty hardy. In this case, I’d lean towards the Iron Hands Chapter Tactic to represent this on the tabletop.

Of course, this is just my opinion – if you picture your favourite Successors fighting differently, you’re welcome to use whichever Chapter Tactic suits. You could just as well play on the rumoured links between the Black Dragons and the Salamanders, or play up the shadowy nature of the Exorcists and give them the stealthy tactics of the Raven Guard. It’s up to you!

I’m still not sure which Successor Chapter I’m going to pick… maybe I’ll make up a new one entirely, but finding a Chapter Tactic that suits your favourite fighting style is pretty easy with a little bit of imagination.

Thanks Sarah! We’ll be checking back once Sarah has her army painted to see her progress. The Space Marines codex will be available to pre-order this weekend, and you’ll be able to use these rules for yourself very soon, whether you’re fielding an army of your own creation, some well-known Successors, or one of the legendary First Founding Chapters. Look out later in the week for the rest of our Chapter Focus articles, where we’ll be diving into how the Chapter Tactics work, as well as relics, warlord traits and special characters.

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