Closer Look – Celestine


Rounding off our trilogy of videos starring the Triumvirate of the Imperium, we have the saintly Celestine of the Adepta Sororitas.

Celestine is a radiant figure in the Dark Millennium, a beacon of hope for the Imperial defenders of Cadia and the wider Imperium. She carries with her holy relics of the Ecclesiarchy, and in battle, she strikes like the wrath of the Emperor made manifest (which many believe is exactly what she is!).

The miniature itself is a beauty to behold – reimagined in plastic as one of the most instantly iconic and impressive models in the entire Citadel range.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, demand for this heroine and the accompanying heroes of the Imperial triumvirate has been very high, so much so that we have sold out online of our first batch of models. Don’t worry though, more are on the way soon. You can set a reminder for them HERE, or find them in local stores this weekend.

Also, starting tomorrow, the Warhammer TV team turn their attentions to painting, as we bring you the first in a trilogy of guides for these awesome new hero miniatures.

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