Codex: Drukhari Preview – Assembling Your Raiding Party

Codex: Drukhari is coming – and with it, some exciting new ways to build your army.

The Drukhari don’t do anything the normal way – we imagine they got bored of conventional warfare several thousand years ago. Additionally, while the forces of say, the T’au Empire or the Imperium, may represent a highly coherent and loyal fighting force working towards a single ideal, a realspace raid usually consists of a pack of nobles from Commorragh taking a brief break from stabbing each other in the back to have some fun.

As such, constructing a Drukhari army is a little different from before. If you want to do a mixed force, it’s easier than ever, and you’ll be able to utilise Drukhari Stratagems (which are incredibly devious and will be covered in more detail in the coming days). If you’d rather commit yourself entirely to one element of the Dark Kin’s forces, however, you’ll find some interesting new options available to you.

The forces of the Drukhari are broadly divided into three categories – Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemonculus Covens (not to mention free agents like the Incubi or Scourges). Each of these groups has its own set of Warlord Traits, faction rules and artefacts, and a Drukhari army is often made up of a collection of smaller Detachments from each faction – you’ll even be rewarded with more Command Points for doing so.

Similarly, having one Warlord is pretty cool, but why not take three? After all, no self-respecting Hellion would willingly take orders from an Archon.

On the tabletop, your Drukhari army will be able to take advantage of a dizzying level of diversity, harnessing various smaller factions and Stratagems and working around a collection of powerful leaders rather than just one. Your anti-armour needs, for example, could be covered by a trio of Ravagers from a Kabal, while a deadly horde of Wracks from a Haemonculus Coven hold your frontline. You’ll be able to do something few armies can – maintain a staggering variety while still benefiting from powerful special rules.

We’ll be diving into each of the Drukhari Obsessions – those being your faction bonuses – throughout the week, starting with the militant Kabals. If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and pick up a new Warlord (or two…or three) for your army, you can pick up a 
Haemonculus, a Succubus and an Archon right now.

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