Codex Drukhari Preview: Wych Cults

The Wych Cults have an essential role in the economy of Commorragh, turning the vast influx of slaves and captives in the Dark City into life-sustaining suffering through their constant gladiatorial games.

In order to keep the ever-fickle denizens of the Dark City entertained, each Wych Cult develops its own distinct fighting style – techniques you’ll be able to represent on the tabletop with three distinct Drukhari Obsessions:

If the new Drukhari codex does anything, it makes Wyches more awesome. You’ll be able to benefit from a reduced points cost AND an extra Attack – pretty nifty, eh? A unit of 10 Wyches will be putting out 31 Attacks for a mere 80 points, and that’s BEFORE you factor in any fancy weapons or synergies.

The Cult of the Cursed Blade ability allows them to tear through anything with a Toughness of 3 or 4 with ease. Indeed, thanks to the wound roll table in this edition of the game, you’ll even be able to reliably threaten Toughness 7 foes with your sheer volume of attacks. We think that Hellions are particularly awesome with this Drukhari Obsession, which (thanks to their hellglaives) can boast a mighty Strength of 5 – enough to compromise vehicles with a sufficient number of attacks.

Meanwhile, your Succubi will be much more threatening. As well as having received a marked points cut and being able to wield the much-improved blast pistol (which, like blasters, have much more damage potential than before), you’ll have some Relics and Warlord Traits to play with. We like the Traitor’s Embrace for shredding anyone that dares to kill you:

As we’ve said, Wyches can put out a LOT of attacks in the new Drukhari codex, and if you dedicate your armies to the Cult of Strife, you’ll be able to put out even more.

You know how we said earlier that Wyches had got MUCH better? We didn’t even give you the whole of it – they’ve also got a 6+ invulnerable save against shooting now:

Take a large block of Wyches in a Cult of Strife army and you’ll be able to eviscerate enemy units – a unit of 20 can dish out 81(!) attacks, and if you manage to destroy an enemy unit, you’ll be able to immediately dish out 81(!!) more:

Drukhari armies are FAST – and Cult of the Red Grief armies are REALLY fast.

You’ll be able to cross the tabletop in no time with this Drukhari Obsession, and we’d recommend using it with Reavers in particular. With an 18″ Move characteristic and an automatic 8″ Advance, you’ll often be able to charge on the very first turn – and if you really want to make sure that you do some damage when you arrive, combine the Adrenalight Combat Drug (which provides +1 Attacks) with the new Hyperstimm Backlash Stratagem.

As with all the Drukhari Obsessions in the book, the Cult of the Red Grief are ideal when combined with other Detachments. For example, you could combine the jetbike strategy we’ve discussed above with a horde of Wyches from the Cult of Strife! We reckon you’ll have a lot of fun tweaking and balancing your lists to be as efficient as possible.

If you’re itching to kick off your Wych Cult, we can think of no better place than Gangs of Commorragh, a boxed game that’s not just fun – it saves you money on the kits inside, too!

Of course, we have one more preview for you tomorrow, so come back to get your final taste of the new codex before you can pre-order it this weekend.

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