Codex: Necrons – New Crusade Rules

The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 introduced the Crusade system, which sees your army grow and evolve from a small skirmish force into a mighty, battle-hardened legion. Each of the new codexes will feature faction-specific Crusade rules, and today, we’re taking a look at those for the Necrons.


The Necrons codex features four Agendas, which give your army bonuses for achieving specific goals during a battle. Suppose you’re facing an enemy force that includes lots of small units. In that case, you’ll want to select Supremacy Through Annihilation so that your units can gain experience points for destroying them.


As your force earns extra Requisition points, you’ll be looking for new things to spend them on. Like a gift shop at the end of a tomb world tour, Codex: Necrons has a range of Requisitions that would excite even the most emotionless Overlord. Give your Noble some assistance by getting them an experienced Cryptek advisor.

Battle Traits

As your army develops, your units gain Battle Traits. The Necrons codex features tables for Core, Cryptek, Canoptek and Noble units – the leaders of your Crusade force get to roll on (or choose a result from) the latter table.

Dynastic Epithets

As your Crusade’s Warlord achieves victory after victory, they will acquire many titles that tell of their great deeds, from Slayer of the Cosmic Spyder to Uniter of the Broken Worlds. Not only do these offer up some fun conversion opportunities, but for every third Epithet you gain, you get to select a Dynastic ability. Maybe your Warlord is similar to Trazyn the Infinite and likes to collect enemy Relics.

Weapon Enhancements

Whether your Necrons are armed with tesla weapons or gauss ones, they’ll be able to improve their guns as your Crusade goes on. Units with tesla weaponry, such as Immortals with tesla carbines, get these enhancements… 

Battle Scars

Since they don’t have skin, Necrons can’t really have scars, but in Crusade, they can have Battle Scars. Your Destroyer units will become even more mindless as they hunger to wipe out all life.

Crusade Relics

If one of your Characters makes it all the way to Legendary status, then you can equip them with the incredibly powerful Tachyon Field Phase Inducer. Fortunately, Necrons don’t have tongues, so its name isn’t really a tongue-twister for them.

These are just some of the new Crusade rules from the new Necrons codex. Whether you’re planning on beginning a new Crusade or already have a Necrons Crusade force seeking to reclaim the galaxy, these rules will add a whole host of options that bring your inevitable victory even closer. Codex: Necrons is available to pre-order from Saturday with all of these Crusade rules in it. Make sure that you join us over on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page to share pictures of your Necrons Crusade force and make sure that you’ve got a Crusade Journal to keep track of your army and their glorious victories. 

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