Codex: Tyranids Preview – Hive Fleet Adaptations

The Tyranids are horrifyingly diverse, and now, you’ll be able to build your army as dedicated to one of seven hive fleets (or their splinters). Each of these army-wide rules affects every unit in your Tyranids collection, from Rippers to Tyrannofexes, and each is powerful, distinct, and flexible.

Behemoth has one of the simplest traits in the codex, but one that works well with the entire army. There are very few Tyranids units (bar perhaps the poor Zoanthrope) that aren’t deadly in assault, and this trait means close-deploying units like the Trygon will often be able to guarantee an assault on the turn they arrive, especially when combined with the Adrenal Glands biomorph.

Kraken is the most mobile of the hive fleets, capable of controlling a huge amount of space on the board. You’ll be able to use your Kraken units to quickly close in and control dangerous enemy units, making charging more optimal while ensuring that heavy-hitters like the Haruspex don’t get pinned down themselves by falling back.

An additional 6+ saving throw is great news for every Tyranids unit, but it’s particularly deadly on already-durable Synapse providers like Tyranid Warriors and Zoanthropes.

There’s nothing worse than getting a key unit, such as a Hive Tyrant, into close combat and then rolling a handful of ones on its wound rolls. With Hive Fleet Gorgon, you’ll be able to ensure that your larger units don’t accidentally fluff a key round of combat, while allowing even smaller creatures, such as Gargoyles, to stack up wounds on your enemies.

Tunnel Networks may make your Tyranids army a little slower, but being able to claim a bonus cover-save anywhere on the board is well worthwhile. From Genestealers with extended carapaces claiming a 3+ save, to Exocrines with a 2+, this is the go-to Hive Fleet Adaptation for defensive players.

Swarming Instincts allows Tyranids players to take advantage of the cheap infantry available to their army. Outnumbering the foe is simple with units like Hormagaunts and Gargoyles, and re-rolls to hit help make up for the fairly average Weapon Skill on most smaller Tyranids units.

Hive Fleet Kronos turns the Tyranids into a powerful shooting army, bolstering the army’s already capable ranged units. From a unit of Termagants dousing the foe in devourer shots, to an Exocrine unleashing a super-hot hail of plasma, going with Kronos allows you to focus on the potent bio-firepower of the Tyranids.

As you can see, the new Hive Fleet Adaptations allow for you to customise your Tyranids army to suit nearly any play style you see fit. It doesn’t stop there, either – come back tomorrow, when we’ll be looking at the manifold ways in which you can build Tyranids HQs in the upcoming codex, from a new option, to Bio-artefacts, to a warlord trait that’ll devastate enemy Psykers…

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