Coming Next Week: The Isharann, Doom Lords and Van Saar

Next week, we’re sending off April with a bang with an exciting set of pre-orders, from three new heroes to customise your Idoneth Deepkin with, to a host of new content for Necromunda, to Blood Bowl’s latest team – join us as we round up what you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Firstly, following on from Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers come three Isharann heroes – vital support units for any Idoneth Deepkin force. Isharann heroes fill an essential role in the Idoneth Deepkin army, each designed to open up new tactical possibilities and allowing you to customise your style of play.

The Isharann Tidecaster, for example, gives you access to the powerful Lore of the Deep, and can be used to reverse the Tides of Death table:

Isharann Soulscryers, meanwhile, are Priest units that let you make sudden ambushes from the board edge with your Idoneth Deepkin units, as well as making unlucky enemy units easier to charge:

Finally, the Isharann Soulrender can steal the souls of enemies and use them to regenerate your Namarti units – pretty nifty, eh?

Gang War 3, like its predecessors, is a gamer’s toolbox designed to expand your game of Necromunda and introduce new rules, weapons, units, missions and more to make your battles in the underhive better than ever. From expanded weapons options for every gang, to rules for bringing hulking Brutes like the Ambot to your games, to all manner of quality-of-life improvements, you’ll find Gang War 3 the perfect expansion regardless of how you play.

The new edition of Necromunda gave the Specialist Games studio the chance to realise the Van Saar more richly than ever before, fully living up to their reputation as masters of technology. Every part of the kit, from the lasguns to the bodysuits, is sleek and tactical, while weapons like the rad cannon and wargear like the Hrystrar pattern energy shield offer all sorts of options for arming your gangers. You could even use the kit to kick off your own elite regiment of the Astra Militarum…

Alongside the Van Saar, you’ll be able to pick up a specially themed set of dice to match your gang, as well as gang cards – single-use tactics that you can use to gain a key advantage on your foes in your games. The gang cards set also features a set of fillable fighter cards, perfect for keeping tabs on your Leaders and Champions.

If you’re an avid Necromunda player, we’d imagine by now you’ve filled in most of your fighter cards from
Necromunda: Underhive, but you’re in luck – next week, you’ll be able to pre-order a set of 26 fillable fighter cards. Expand your gang, generate new Hired Guns and hive scum – it’s up to you.

Meanwhile, for fans of Blood Bowl, a new team enters the fray next week with an exciting new format for rules and lore for the game of fantasy football. The first of these is the hotly anticipated Chaos Chosen team – the Doom Lords.

Inside the Doom Lords kit, you’ll find all the models you need to kick off a Chaos Chosen team of your own – an elite and deadly team that excels at taking enemy fighters out of the game (sometimes terminally). You’ll be able to customise your players with interchangeable heads and, for the beastmen, horns, allowing you to make sure each player looks distinct.

To add the Doom Lords to your games, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Spike! Journal – the essential periodical for coaches everywhere. In Spike! Journal, you won’t just find rules for your team, but dispatches from the strange world of Blood Bowl – from advice from Agony Uncle Lord Borak to interviews with star Skaven reporter Hackspit the Scribbler. There’s even a glimpse at the glamourous world of Beastmen cheerleading – it’s weird, its wacky, and it’s very, very Blood Bowl:

To help you keep track of your Doom Lords, we’re releasing a new set of team cards – a 44 card deck which contains profiles for your players, Star Players and blank cards for keeping track of your roster and advancements as well as your special plays. There’s also a set on the way for the
Skaven, as well as a deck of Star Player cards, both of which should prove invaluable for any budding manager.

You’ll be able to pre-order these releases next week, but while you wait, why not check out this week’s
latest releases?


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