Community Painting Competition Winner – September 2020

Warbands are all over the Warhammer universes, and you’ve sent us some amazing examples of the characters who command them. 

People put a lot of effort into painting these heroes, and we loved seeing the personal touches that set them apart from their troops. As always, it’s hard to choose a winner, but we did it! And here it is.

Simply incredible. We were particularly blown away by the armour on this Ultramarines sergeant.* We’re continually impressed with both the quality and quantity of the work this community shares with us each month. Here are a few of our other favourites.

So there we have it. These models are ready to lead their troops into the jaws of certain death through sheer willpower, awe-inspiring skill, or raw charisma. Probably all of the above. 

Now let’s see what’s in store for October… 

That’s right. You have to say it out loud in THAT voice to get the most of it. Now, some armies obviously just have a lot of creepy or spooky models in them, like Nighthaunts. But what else might fit the bill? Wraithguard, perhaps? Grot spider riders? An undead Blood Bowl team? We want to see what SpoooOOooky Warriors means to you. 

Have fun with this one! Honour the eeriest of months with your creepiest, crawliest creations. 

You’ve got until the 31st of October (Halloween itself!) to send a shiver down our collective spine. Tag your entry with #WarhammerPaintComp on Twitter and Instagram, or pop it in a comment on this Facebook post!

* Yes, the model is Lieutenant Amulius, but check out his helmet – seems like he’s had a demotion. We’re sure he doesn’t mind when he looks that good.

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