Competitive Warhammer 40,000 Players Share their Battle Forge Army Lists

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With the Battle Forge beta now on devices around the world – and armies to be won in our amazing competition – Warhammer 40,000 players have spent December pondering their best army lists. We caught up with some competitive players to find out what devious forces they’ve been cooking up to devastate all comers next time they hit an event. 

Reece Robbins – Astra Militarum

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Reece: Here’s a fun Astra Militarum list I made using the awesome new Battle Forge roster builder. It features all of my favourite units: Bullgryn, tough-as-nails Catachan infantry, lots of hard-hitting Tank Commanders, fun support Characters like Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken, and psykers

With Chimeras, the infantry is great for grabbing objectives and getting around the table, while the Bullgryn hold the middle. Tank Commanders do the heavy lifting in the shooting phase, and the Sentinels are excellent for taking and holding objectives around the board. 

BF Armies Dec29 ReeceRobbins

Justin Curtis – Chaos Space Marines

Justin: This list is an attempt to convince the opponent to shoot at anything that isn’t a Cultist –  and then hopefully surprise them with the durability of these mortal warriors. The Master of Possession, Lord Discordant, Defiler, and Lord of Skulls form a firebase (with a 5+ invulnerable save, +1 to hit, and re-rolling 1s to hit and wound). 

The Obliterators are your big hammer to solve a specific problem or two (with Endless Cacophony) on Turn 2. The Slaanesh squad ignore wounds on a 5+ thanks to Delightful Agonies, while the Tzeentch squad get their invulnerable save upgraded. If a squad does get whittled down by enemy fire, well, that’s what Tide of Traitors is for.

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Matt Root – Orks

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Matt: This Ork Goff list eschews shooting in favour of pure, raw, brutal melee. Ghazghkull, the Weirdboy, the Mek, and the Boyz swarm the middle of the board to hold objectives, providing a devastating threat while also winning you the mission. 

The Meganobz provide a second line of melee, alongside the Deffkoptas and Kommandos that work as flexible units to provide control of table quarters or assist with secondary objectives like Linebreaker. Smasha guns sit in the back and hold your own objectives while also providing a modicum of shooting. It’s brutal, hard-hitting, and aggressive – as Goffs should be.

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Do you reckon you have an army idea that can kick these terrifying forces into the dirt? Download Warhammer 40,000: The App, sign up for your free trial of Battle Forge, and get building that list. Then share it on Twitter and Instagram using #40KBattleForge for a chance to win every model in your force! While Battle Forge is in its beta version, we’re also looking for your feedback on how it can be improved – fill in the survey here.



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