Craftworld Focus: Alaitoc

Alaitoc is renowned for its rangers, and as such, makes heavy use of stealth and subterfuge in war. When the armies of Alaitoc march, they do so under the cover of expert Pathfinders, eluding their enemies with a cunning remarkable for even the rest of the Aeldari.

The Attribute

Fieldcraft is a simple Attribute, but a very effective one, helping aid long-ranged Craftworlds armies. Fragile units like War Walkers, Dark Reapers, Support Weapons and of course, Rangers become much harder to displace at range, forcing the enemy to come to you.

Best Units

The new Craftworlds codex is fantastic for the Troops of the Asuryani, and Alaitoc Rangers make a superb alternative to Guardians or Dire Avengers. While lacking some of the flexibility of the former and the raw firepower of the latter, they make for ideal objective holders, deployment blockers, and pickets. Now a mere 12 points a model (down from 20!) they’re a steal, while combining their cameleoline cloaks with the Alaitoc attribute means that most units will be hitting them on 4s, 5s and 6s. The unique Alaitoc Stratagem is also a great way to ensure that a group of Rangers on an objective in the final turns of the game stay there – if the enemy looks like they’re going to try and shoot you off, simply trigger Pathfinders and mitigate the majority of incoming enemy fire.

-1 to hit on a long ranged Heavy weapons platform would be good enough, but the new Craftworlds codex is set to turn this iconic vehicle into one of the best tanks in Warhammer 40,000, both in an Alaitoc army and beyond. Firstly, Pulsed Laser Discharge allows the Fire Prism to fire TWICE when moving under half speed.

Secondly, if you use multiple Fire Prisms, you can combine their fire for the cost of a command point to take down particularly stubborn targets, whether you’re looking to bring down Lords of War or deliver an infantry-eviscerating storm of dispersed fire.

Alaitoc is the superior attribute for Craftworlds players looking to focus on long ranged warfare, whether with infantry or heavy armour. Want to try it out for yourself? You don’t have long to wait – pre-order Codex: Craftworlds for yourself tomorrow.

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