Craftworld Focus: Biel-Tan

Biel-tan have had a bit of a hard time of late, what with their craftworld being shattered by a Slaaneshi assault and the awakening of the Aeldari god of death, Ynnead. Such events have done nothing to diminish the warlike spirit of this most militant of craftworlds, and in the new codex, they remain a ferociously powerful fighting force capable of making the most of Aspect Warriors and shuriken weapons alike.

The Craftworld Attribute

Aspect Warriors are a key element of any Craftworlds army, and the last thing you’ll want is to lose a costly Dark Reaper or Howling Banshee to a bad Morale test. Swordwind helps compensate for this with an additional point of Leadership.

Where Swordwind really comes into its own is with shuriken weaponry. Nearly every Craftworlds unit or vehicle has access to a shuriken weapon of some form or another, and with a near-universal Ballistic Skill of 3+ this essentially amounts to re-rolling a full half of all your missed attacks. Not bad!

Best Units

Dire Avengers are well placed to take advantage of both parts of Swordwind, possessing the Aspect Warrior keyword and wielding Avenger shuriken catapults. Both Dire Avengers and their weapons now cost fewer points, making them an excellent choice for filling out a Biel-Tan Battalion detachment. The new Stratagem Feigned Retreat particularly suits the short-ranged defensive warfare at which the Dire Avengers excel:

The Avatar of Khaine makes for a great leader for any Craftworlds army, possessing fantastic durability, a high Wounds count and devastating attacks in melee. In a Biel-Tan army, the Avatar of Khaine makes for a deadly lynchpin for your assaults.

Naturally, a powerful ability like this is likely to make the Avatar a high priority target for your enemies, but thanks to a new Craftworlds stratagem, not even death can stop this deadly demigod:

Biel-Tan armies are perfect if you love Aspect Warriors, shuriken weapons, or both. More of a fan of Jetbikes? You’re in luck – don’t miss our preview of Saim-Hann tomorrow, where we’ll be looking at the re-tuned and much improved Jetbikes, as well as even more handy Stratagems for your army.

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