Craftworld Focus: Saim-Hann

Warriors from Craftworld Saim-Hann are noted for their ferocity, striking the enemies of the Aeldari in vast Windrider hosts. On the tabletop, Saim-Hann is the ultimate Craftworld for fans of Jetbikes and Aeldari assault units, making for a fast moving and highly aggressive army.

The Attribute

Wild Host provides re-rolls to charges for all of your units, as well as allowing your Bikers to avoid the penalty for moving and firing their Heavy weapons. This makes the armies of Saim-Hann exceptionally mobile and aggressive, and helps you get the most out of any of your Biker units, from mounted Skyrunner Conclaves to the humble Windrider. Remember, thanks to Fly, all Jetbike units can fire the turn they fall back – one particularly deadly trick you can pull of with Saim-Hann is shooting, then charging a unit to bury yourself in a relatively safe combat, before falling back and firing again!

Best Units

Windriders in the new Craftworlds codex are fantastic, and scatter laser-armed Saim-Hann Windriders are a fast moving (if fragile) fire support unit. Naturally, being able to move and shoot these weapons without penalty is great, but there’s more. Both Windriders and the scatter laser have seen considerable points reductions, making them highly efficient choices in a Craftworlds army list.

Thanks to the Biker keyword, Vypers benefit from the Saim-Hann Craftworld Attribute and, as such, make superb heavy weapons platforms. Again, this unit has seen a small but welcome reduction in points, while several Stratagems only serve to make it more effective on the tabletop. Our favourite is Fire and Fade – you’ll be able to dash out of cover to take a key shot against an enemy vehicle, before returning to a safe spot behind some line-of-sight blocking terrain.

In short, Saim-Hann armies are fast, fierce and have a lot of firepower – everything you’d expect from the Wild Host! If you prefer to wage war with a little more subtlety, then you won’t want to miss our look at the stealthy armies of Alaitoc (and the vastly improved Fire Prism) tomorrow.

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