Craftworld Focus: Ulthwé

The warriors of Ulthwé are renowned for their foresight, as well as their relentlessly drilled Black Guardians. After all, nothing sharpens the senses quite like living next to a roiling maw of raw Chaos energy. With the new Craftworlds codex, Ulthwé armies are among the most flexible, with a Craftworld Attribute that has benefits for every unit in your army, a powerful and thematic Stratagem and one of the best Psykers in the game.

The Craftworld Attribute

Foresight of the Damned is the most versatile of the new Craftworld Attributes, acting as a flat (and much-welcome) universal bonus to the durability of the Asuryani. On more fragile units, this additional save helps to compensate for Toughness 3, while tanks and Wraith constructs are even harder to kill and gain some additional resilience against mortal wounds.

Best Units

Guardians in the new Craftworlds codex will still be the mainstay of your Asuryani army, having received several indirect improvements with Stratagems and Craftworlds Attributes at no increase in points cost. Statistically speaking, you’ll get more out of Foresight of the Damned on larger units, while the low armour saves of the Guardians are vastly improved by an additional chance at saving a wound. Ulthwé armies also have access to a unique Stratagem designed to represent the superior discipline of the famed Black Guardians:

Throw in a nearby Autarch utilising the new and improved Path of Command ability and you’ll have a terrifyingly accurate firebase capable of chewing through light and heavy infantry alike. Meanwhile, if you’re having problems with durability, a quick Celestial Shield should help see to that:

Between a considerable cut in points and the vastly expanded Runes of Fate discipline, Eldrad Ulthran makes for the perfect leader for an Ulthwé army (it helps that he’ll be available to pre-order in plastic at the same time as the codex, too!).

While you’ll be spoilt for choice with what powers to take on Eldrad, we’d recommend Mind War, a deadly new way of dealing with particularly troublesome characters:

Combine this ability with a nearby Hemlock Wraithfighter (which reduces enemy Leadership by 2), a unit of Warlocks casting Horrify (which reduces it by a 1) and you could quite easily cut down a key Commissar or even a Space Marine Ancient with a deadly deluge of mortal wounds.

In short, Ulthwé armies are a flexible fighting force capable of shrugging off damage and dishing out a surprising amount of it in return. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out the indomitable warriors of Biel-Tan, alongside a new Stratagem that’ll make your Avatar of Khaine all but invincible…

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