Crucible of Retribution – Titanic Tactics

Crucible of Retribution goes up for pre-order this weekend, bringing the internecine warfare of the Cataclysm of Iron to your games of Adeptus Titanicus. This narrative expansion book offers all sorts of options, plus new narrative and Echoes of Glory missions. Today, we wanted to show you some of the coolest tricks the Titan Legions bring to the table. 

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There are eight Titan Legions detailed in Crucible of Retribution, seven of which are brand-new, plus four Knight Houses. Each of them has their own preferred tactics, represented by special rules to bring them to life during your games. There are too many to get into here, so we’ll pick a few of our favourites to get your gears turning. 

Legio Tritonis – Dark Tide

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The first-ever secessionist Legio seeks to overthrow their perceived oppressors, which happens to include both the Emperor and the Warmaster. Why choose a side when you can simply fight absolutely everybody else in the galaxy? They’re emboldened by acts of destruction, which is represented on the table by their unique Legio Trait.

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Favouring massive Warlord Titans, the Dark Tide has nevertheless found ways to mask the movements of these gargantuan god-machines – and stay super creepy in the process. 

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This should keep the heat off your Titans long enough for them to get into optimal firing positions, ready to unleash hell when the veil drops. 

The Dark Tide isn’t the only Legio from Forge World Arachnus, a planet named after the massive spider-like megafauna that once roamed around it until Legio Venator hunted them to extinction. Not scared of Titan-sized spiders? Traitors should be very afraid of these ones…

Legio Venator – Iron Spiders

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Given their secessionist planetary neighbours, Legio Venator is eager to prove just how loyal they are. Their iron-clad adherence to orders and steadfast refusal to give in is reflected in their Legio Trait. 

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Legio Venator Princeps work together especially closely, even pairing up into ad-hoc fighting units when needed. 

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This deceptively strong trait allows you to activate your Titans two at a time, share a higher Command value, and combine your attacks into Coordinated Strikes.  

Playing it straight is all well and good, but sometimes you may feel like burning the very ground you walk on. 

Legio Kulisaetai – Gatekeepers

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The Gatekeepers are infamous for their scorched earth method of warfare, leaving nothing standing in their wake. They’re merciless, cutting down their enemies no matter the cost, relishing in the rush of power with little thought for anything else. 

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Having given themselves over to dark powers, some of the Legio Kulisaetai Princeps have begun to lose touch with reality completely. 

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The strength of their own convictions causes them to shrug off damage and remain effective when others would be laid low, requiring a concentrated effort of fire to bring them down. 

New Maniples

Crucible of Retribution includes two new maniples, including the Ignus light maniple. It’s designed to spread confusion and disorder with Warhounds and Cerastus Knights Acheron

ATCrucibleOfRetributionTactics Oct22 Image14xhr

Use your superior speed to close the distance between you and your foes…

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… and set everything on fire. Then, set the ashes on fire – Burn Appetit! 

Knight Houses

You’ll find four Knight Houses in the book: Col’Khak, Moritain, Gotrith, and Vextrix, each with their own Knightly Qualities.  

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The bitter and resentful Knights of House Gotrith, for example, can roll on this chart (or choose one, if your opponent agrees) instead of the standard set from the Doom of Molech.

ATCrucibleOfRetributionTactics Oct22 Image17cuq

These results may not be game-breaking, but they help represent the character of the Knight Houses and differentiate them from each other.

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The unusual scholar-warriors of House Moritain, on the other hand, are represented by their own rather poetic-sounding Knightly Qualities. 

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House Moritain Seneschals collect titles in a manner rather similar to the Adeptus Custodes, and these three results hint at the richness and variety of their experiences. 

Along with cracking new art and background to explore, plus four narrative missions and fifteen Echoes of Glory missions for Death Worlds, Forge Worlds, and Hive Worlds, there’s loads of material to draw you in and expand your games of Adeptus Titanicus. 

Crucible of Retribution will be on pre-order this weekend. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into the strategic game of titanic warfare, grab the Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy boxed set today, including everything you need to get started!

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