Crusading Beyond the Veil

The first new mission pack designed exclusively for Crusade campaigns is available to pre-order this weekend, so we’re taking a look at what it’s all about. Ready your Crusade forces and take ship to the foreboding region of space known as the Pariah Nexus! But before we go any further…

…What Exactly Are Mission Packs?

The introduction of the four recommended games sizes in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 – Combat Patrol, Incursion, Strike Force, and Onslaught – enabled the rules team to write a selection of missions specifically designed for the size of the battles you fight. Mission packs are an extension of this notion, introducing sets of new missions for each game size based on a particular theme, narrative, and/or way to play. That being said, the new missions and rules featured in these expansions can be used in any way you wish – don’t feel like you’re limited to using a Crusade mission pack just for Crusade games!

Going Above and Beyond (the Veil)

As a narrative play format, Crusade is all about creating your own story with the deeds your campaign force performs on the battlefield. With each glorious victory or bitter defeat, your Crusade force evolves and grows according to the story you’ve created for them. However, the Crusade rules in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book are just the start!

The first Crusade mission pack, Beyond the Veil, enables you to set your Crusade games in the Pariah Nexus, the eerie Zone of Silence that took root in the Nephilim Sector. You can read more about this cursed region of space here, but whether you start a new Crusade campaign based solely within Battlezone Pariah, or take your existing Crusade force there ‘on tour’, it’s up to you! It’s also worth mentioning that this expansion is for everyone who plays Warhammer 40,000 – Orks, Aeldari, Chaos – all are welcome (or not!) in the Pariah Nexus.

As well as a detailed background section on the Pariah Nexus itself, Beyond the Veil includes new Agendas, Battle Traits, Relics, and Theatre of War rules – everything you need for your Crusade games to really feel like they’re taking place there. For example, the network of blackstone pylons erected by Illuminor Szeras has isolated the Zone of Silence from the warp. This can have a profound psychological effect upon psykers within its borders, as this Battle Scar represents.

On the topic of blackstone, Sphere of Darkness, one of the unique (Crusade) Relics of the Nexus, is almost certainly formed from the same warp-draining material. This Relic in particular will no doubt be highly sought after by factions who possess no psykers of their own to help them counter the otherworldly powers of their enemies. Or maybe the theme for your Crusade force is an enterprising T’au Empire expeditionary force, looking to understand better this warp-bending technology?

24 New Missions!

At its heart, Beyond the Veil includes six missions each for Combat Patrol-, Incursion-, Strike Force-, and Onslaught-sized games, giving every player plenty of variety. Not only do these missions offer a different challenge, but they perfectly capture the harrowing nature of the Pariah Nexus. Check out the Incursion mission The Shroud, for example.

This atmospheric mission pack is available to pre-order this weekend. Until then, make sure you’re ready by checking out our top tips, and head on over to the webstore to get your Order of Battle up to speed!

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