Daemons and Thousand Sons in Index: Chaos Update

Codex: Chaos Space Marines is now available, and other Chaos players may be wondering what this means for them. With each codex, we want to expand and balance the game, and so we’re making some changes to Daemons and clarifying how the new Dark Hereticus discipline works for your armies.

Firstly, we’re providing updated points for lesser Daemons for free in this errata, as well as making some changes to Horrors. Brimstone Horrors have been very popular in the new edition, and it’s not hard to see why – who doesn’t want to command an army of malicious, sentient magical flame? Even so, we’re keen to keep Chaos armies as diverse as possible, as well as making sure that Pink Horrors are just as powerful and as useful as their smaller cousins. To this end, Brimstone Horrors now cost slightly more points, while Pink Horrors cost less. You’ll also need 10 or more Pink Horrors in a unit to make full use of Smite. Finally, Plaguebearers, Daemonettes and Bloodletters now cost fewer points, making them a more attractive option when building your army. These changes are now the de-facto profiles and points for all these units, whether you play an Index army of Chaos Daemons or you own Codex: Chaos Space Marines – you can download them in the latest errata for Index: Chaos.

Secondly, if you’re a Thousand Sons player, you may have noticed that the Dark Hereticus discipline in the new codex is larger than the one in the Index. Don’t worry – the discipline isn’t being replaced and you won’t need to get Codex: Chaos Space Marines to keep using it. Similarly, if you have Codex: Chaos Space Marines, you’re welcome to use the expanded Dark Hereticus powers with your Thousand Sons Psykers. If you’re a Daemons player, this change also applies to Be’lakor.

In short – you won’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, but at the same time, if you want to use the psychic powers from Codex: Chaos Space Marines you’re still welcome to! If you’re looking to add some Chaos Space Marines allies to your Thousand Sons, or want the expanded Dark Hereticus psychic discipline, you can order your copy of the codex here.

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