Damien Pedley’s Inquisition Warband

Damien Pedley’s armies are always popular at Warhammer World events, blending intricate conversions and skilled painting with an imagination that taps into the weirdness at the heart of Warhammer 40,000. At the recent Throne of Skulls, he debuted an Inquisition warband with a host of unique henchmen, and he joins us today to talk about the process of creating them:

Damien: The idea for this warband popped into my head about two weeks before the Throne of Skulls Doubles Tournament, a weekend-long gaming event at Warhammer World, at the beginning of February 2018. After having played a couple of practice games with my teammate and not really enjoyed my half of the army, I decided to rejig my list. Cue my love of the Inquisition. And deadlines…

Ten days to scratch build a minimum of six henchmen and paint them?


I’m a hobby butterfly at the best of times, and over the last eight years, I have accumulated a number of kits that now sit in my “Cupboard of Awesome/Cupboard of Shame” (depending on your point of view). My method is simple – raid the cupboard for anything that could be even remotely useable, clear a large space in my hobby cave, and start clipping and sawing. Adhesive putty is my friend at this point – an invaluable tool in the dry fitting/posing stage. There will be mistakes, and the pile of offcuts and parts that didn’t suit form their own little pile for use at another time.

I never throw anything away – it might come in handy at some stage.

Sometimes a little sculpting and plasticard become necessary, such as on the robes and belly of Segovax (no prizes for knowing which one he is). Your own imagination is the only limit with this hobby.

Painting wise, I never really plan my painting other than starting with the faces. The rest is pretty much ad hoc after that point – I almost let the models paint themselves. Thin paint always, that is pretty much my only rule. You can always add more paint, but it’s very hard to take it away if you use too much! These henchmen in particular still need a little battle weathering on the red, but I was up until 1am on the Thursday night/Friday morning before Throne of Skulls, so I had to cut corners in the short term.

I draw inspiration from many sources in my hobby, but in this case, a great deal of it comes from my hero John Blanche and all the guys who take part in the hobby goodness inspired by the Inquisition. Blanchistu and The Martyr were two “boots” to give me the kick in the backside to get my Inquisition warband tabletop-ready.

I wanted to ensure that I had at least six unique and characterful models that tell their own stories – and yes I have names for them all. I managed seven in the end, to add to the Ministorum Priest and Inquisitor I had already painted. I love them all, but my favourites are Segovax the Penitent (aka the Fatman) – a former planetary governor known for his hedonistic lifestyle who was given the option of death or servitude; Hektor Levio (aka Blackbeard) – who is a veteran of the Steel Legion and survivor of Helsreach; and Cilexia – whose backstory is that of a neophyte of the Vindicare Temple.

Thanks, Damien! Do you have imaginative conversions you’d like to show us? Share pictures with us on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page!

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