Dark Angels Legion Interemptors

After the recent love-in for the Dark Angels Inner Circle Knights Cenobium, this week, Forge World are releasing a new unit that’s also carrying a (plasma) flame for the First Legion. Get ready to unleash the Dreadwing Interemptors.

The Dark Angels Interemptors are Lion El’Jonson’s ultimate sanction, his final curse for those foolish enough to stand against the First Legion. They take no trophies of their victories and tell no tales of those who have fallen before them – those consigned to death at their hands are forgotten forever.

Their Mark III power armour is less ostentatious than that worn by others within the Legion but, with their unique helms, they’ll make a great addition to your collection while still being an interesting painting project. 

Each member of the squad is armed with a lethal plasma burner. These weapons are dangerous offshoots from regular plasma technology and are unique to the Dark Angels Legion. Enemy units aren’t even safe in cover – get ready to annihilate them with pressurised torrents of raw plasma.*

Rules for fielding the Dark Angels Legion Interemptors in Age of Darkness battles can be found in the forthcoming campaign book The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade. In the meantime, they’re available as a PDF download now.

Pre-order the Dark Angels Legion Interemptors and turn all of your enemies into little more than pools of molten slag. 

* We recommend saying “burn appetit” when you use them.

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