Dawn of War III out now!

The much anticipated new real-time strategy computer game Dawn of War III is now available to play.

In this game, the battlefield of the 41st Millennium comes to life in a blaze of digital carnage. This is, of course, the 3rd instalment in the hugely successful series, and looks to be the best yet, with incredible graphics that do glorious justice to the endless war in the far future.

We’re all pretty excited to play it and see the armies we’ve become so familiar with come to life on the screen.

You can find out all about the new game and order your own copy here, including some seriously fancy limited and collectors edition formats

War Dawns Once More

With Dawn of War III now available, this would be a good time to catch up on the story of this and previous instalments. And as usual, Black Library have you covered.

Available to order now is ‘Dawn of War III’, the novelisation of the game, written by Robbie MacNiven. It focuses on Gabriel Santos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens Space Marines, as he defends a world from Eldar and Orks. But when something worse than the xenos emerges, Santos has difficult choices to make…

And if you’d like to discover more tales of Santos and his Blood Ravens, based on earlier games in the series, the aptly titled ‘Blood Ravens: The Dawn of War Omnibus’ is also now out as an eBook for the first time.

Head to blacklibrary.com to check out both of these eBooks, and to order the paperback of Dawn of War III.

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