Death Guard Release Delayed in the Warp

Nurgle’s loyal disciples will have to wait a little longer for the new Death Guard codex and accompanying releases, as the ongoing effects of COVID-19 have caused unavoidable delays to crucial shipments. 

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Given the circumstances, we’ve had to take the difficult decision to delay the Death Guard launch until early next year. We are, of course, devastated that the sons of Barbarus can’t release in time for the holiday season as intended, but these unfortunate circumstances are beyond our control.

We know that’s rough news, but to maybe take the sting off it a little, we’ve got a treat for you – a free, exclusive wallpaper featuring artwork from the new codex of the fearsome Death Guard in action.

DGDelay Dec04 DGWallpaperButton1h27s

DGWallpaper Dec04 Desktop
DGWallpaper Dec04 Mobile

But there’s more! We’ve even got a preview of the full datasheet for the mighty Daemon Primarch of the Death Guard from the upcoming codex, so you can use his new rules right now.

DGDelay Dec04 MortDSButton28sn3
What’s that new Contagions of Nurgle ability all about, we hear you ask? Well, we’ll be revealing more about that soon, during the build-up to the codex’s new release date. For now, suffice it to say that it’s disgusting – both in principle and its in-game effects – so your opponent won’t want to go anywhere near your Death Guard if they can avoid it!*

Remember, our in-store promotional coin and model of the month both happen to be of the Death Guard, so contact your local store and get involved!

MiniOfTheMonth Dec01 Image01wat
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As always, we’ll keep you posted on all the latest developments with the delayed Death Guard launch and more beside on Warhammer Community, and be sure to sign up to our newsletter if you haven’t already done so to get the latest news direct to your inbox.

* One other thing – Mortarion’s points value remains at 490 in the new codex, so feel free to try him out on the battlefield right away.

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