Death of a Legion


Abaddon is very much the man of the moment right now, what with his invasion of the Imperium in the 13th Black Crusade bearing down on the fortress world of Cadia.

To mark the occasion, Black Library have the digital debut of ‘Extinction‘, a short story prequel to Aaron Dembski-Bowdens awesome ‘Talon of Horus‘ novel.

The book follows Abaddon in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy and the Legion’s defeat by the Imperium. Can he re-forge the Sons of Horus in the face of their Primarch’s death, or is extinction the only path left to them?

Whether you’ve read ‘Talon of Horus‘ or not (and you should) this is a great read for anyone interested in the story of this most feared enemy of the Imperium.


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