Deathwatch: New Crusade Rules

The new codex supplement for the Deathwatch features some incredible Crusade rules that support the growth of your army from a small skirmish force to a planet-shaking army of alien-killers. Today, we’re showing off a selection of our favourite Deathwatch Crusade rules.

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Set Your Agenda

Members of the Deathwatch excel at all forms of combat, from shooting to brawling, meaning that they can take on any manner of foe. Reflect that with the Strength From Diversity Agenda.

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Gun down an enemy unit and then slice up another one for an easy way to build up some experience points for your Crusade army.

Masters of All They Survey

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Your Deathwatch Captains and Watch Masters can be given a new kind of Battle Honour – Master of the Specialisms. This represents their expertise against specific types of enemy unit, and they can pass this knowledge on to their squads.

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But what is this Malleus Specialism? Well, Specialisms are upgrades that you can give to a Kill Team as a part of a Battle-forged army. Thanks to the Battle Honour above, your Crusade Characters can also have access to these Specialisms. Malleus is incredibly helpful against the biggest threats that you might come across.

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Best of all, these Specialisms aren’t just for your Crusade force, you can apply them to your other games of Warhammer 40,000 for just a small outlay in points or Power. You can also spend Requisition Points to give one of the Kill Teams in your Crusade force one of the six Specialisms.

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Show Your Scars

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Sometimes, things won’t go to plan for your Crusade force, and some of your units can end up with Battle Scars. Codex Supplement: Deathwatch includes some Chapter-specific Battle Scars for your alien-hunters, such as Xenophobic Furore.

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While they may not be able to perform actions anymore, that extra Attack will help them get revenge on the evil aliens that took them out.

It’s Been an Honour

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When one of your Infantry or Biker units gains a Battle Honour, they can select some Deathwatch special-issue equipment. Choose some Derevenant Shells and easily deal with all of those pesky Necrons that seem to be waking up all over the place.

40kDeathwatch Crusade Oct30 Boxout2n

A Necron Overlord thinks he’s going to reclaim the galaxy? Use these bullets to prove him wrong.

The codex supplement also includes new Requisitions, Battle Traits, and Crusade Relics for your force. By the end of your Crusade, you’ll have an army that will be able to take on the worst alien monstrosities that the galaxy can throw their way and slay them in the name of the Emperor.

Codex Supplement: Deathwatch, containing all of these amazing Crusade rules, is available to pre-order from Saturday. In the meantime, grab yourself a Watch Master to lead your Crusade force.

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