Devastation and Deathwatch

We have all the Space Marines you could want in today’s new releases, with a pair of new paperback (and eBook) releases starring the heroes of the Adeptus Astartes. Guy Haley’s The Devastation of Baal is the first volume in the new Space Marine Conquests series, and sees the Blood Angels, with a gathering of their Successor Chapters, take on the might of Hive Fleet Leviathan as the tyranids finally reach Baal itself! Can the assembled sons of Sanguinius hold firm against the Great Devourer, or will they be lunch for the voracious bio-constructs? You can pre-order your paperback or download your eBook now and find out for yourself! And if you’re not sure what this whole “Space Marine Conquests” thing is about, check out Black Library Commissioning Editor Kate Hamer’s guest post about the series here.

The Blood Angels and their Successors aren’t the only coalition of Chapters taking on alien foes this weekend. Deathwatch: The Omnibus sees the original combined-Chapter force – the eponymous Deathwatch – battle against xenos horrors across no fewer than three novels and twelve short stories. The included novels are Deathwatch by Steve Parker, Kryptman’s War by Ian St Martin and Storm of Damocles by Justin Hill, and you can see the full list of short stories on the Black Library product page. Suffice it to say, there is enough reading here to keep you going for quite some time, and you can pre-order your copy – and download the eBook – now.

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