Digital Monday – Heloth

The Scythes of the Emperor have not had a great time of it in the closing decades of the 41st Millennium.

Their Chapter planet was destroyed by a Tyranid Hive Fleet, and their fighting strength was reduced to just a few scattered squads.

Still, they fight on, unbowed and unbroken in the face of the galaxy-swallowing horror of the Great Devourer. Today’s new short story from Black Library sees them at their heroic best – taking on monsters the size of Titans at the infamous outpost of the Giant’s Coffin.

Download the new eBook quick read here:


And if you enjoy that, or for those of you after a full, novel-length adventure, the Scythes of the Emperor are also the stars of the upcoming Space Marine Battles novel ‘Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin‘, from the same author, L J Goulding, which you can pre-order now.

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