Engine Kill 3: Mastering Cerastus Knights

Welcome back to Engine Kill! Lockdown isn’t stopping us from bringing you the latest Adeptus Titanicus news and previews. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Cerastus Knights. With a new kit on the way that lets you build even more variants of these invaluable support units, we’re examining just what the Knight Acheron and Knight Castigator have to offer you.

Providing Support

Seasoned Titan commanders know well to fear and respect the Cerastus Knight-Lancer – a few in the right spot can easily cripple or outright kill a Titan in a single Combat phase. The Acheron and Castigator variants of the Cerastus Knight each trade out a little of the durability and melee power of the Knight-Lancer for additional firepower and flexibility, capable of operating at a wider variety of ranges than their brethren.

Castigator Knights are a close-combat option that can cause serious damage when positioned correctly. Sure, Strength 3 on their Castigator pattern bolt cannons might not seem like much, but once you factor in bonuses from attacking damaged locations or firing into a target’s side or rear arc, they can deal some serious damage. In close combat, they’re great for making called shots against a location you’ve softened up with the Castigator warblade.

Acheron Knights, meanwhile, are incredible shield-strippers who excel against light armour, thanks to their Inferno weapons. A Banner of four of these Knights will drop eight Strength 7 hits on their chosen target a turn, while careful positioning can allow you to deal massive damage to grouped targets like Warhound squadrons or rival Knights.

Remember, Knight Banners added to a Titan Legion can be equipped with a mix of loadouts, allowing you to take advantage of the key features of all types of Cerastus Knights. Why not take a Lancer to give the squad bolstered ion shield saves, an Acheron or two to soften targets up, and a Castigator to finish the job?

Taking the Lead

Cerastus Knights fill a key role in Knight Household forces in both broadening your tactical toolbox and acting as “command” Banners to lead your Lances. In a Knight Household army, Banners of Knights are organised into Lances, groups of three Banners who are activated as a single unit, capable of harnessing powerful Lance orders that benefit every Banner. Previously, Knight Household players fielding long-ranged Lances made up of Questoris Knights with battle cannons and avenger gatling cannons had to rely on their solid but still potentially treacherous Command value of 3+ to get those all-important Lance orders off.

A Banner of Castigators is perfect for leading such a Lance of avenger gatling cannon-armed Knights. Together with Coordinated Strike orders, a Lance like this will be kicking out up to seven Strength 5 shots and sixteen Strength 6 shots a turn – more than enough to crack open a damaged location or flay the shields off a Warlord Titan or two. Likewise, Acherons are ideal for accompanying mixed-arms Lances with short ranged weaponry like melta cannons and meltaguns, using their Command value to provide Order support as well as reliably incinerating shields for their smaller siblings.

You won’t have to wait too long until you can start rampaging across the battlefield with Acheron and Castigator Knights of your own! Stay tuned for more updates on when we’ll be releasing models again, and let us know how you’ll be using these models in your army on the Forge World Facebook page.

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