Factfile: Battleforce Orks Kult of Speed

Who doesn’t love Battleforces? Aside from the undeniable satisfaction of opening up a REALLY BIG box of miniatures, saving money when building an army is always welcome – particularly if you can then use that money to get even more models. This week, we’ll be breaking down what’s in each Battleforce, how you might like to build them and the best next steps to take after you’ve got yours, whether you’re getting one for yourself this Christmas or you’re expecting one from a friend (lucky you!). Today, we’re checking out the Orks Kult of Speed.

The Orks Kult of Speed is packed with 22 models and makes building your own Ork horde a lot easier, containing a range of army standbys:

You’ll find:

– 1 Ork Battlewagon
– 1 Ork Trukk
– 3 Warbikers
– 11 Ork Boyz
– 5 Ork Lootas
– 1 Ork Mek with shokk attack gun

On average, this should save you about 30% compared to buying the models separately. Not bad!

The Boyz in this set can be built with Sluggas or Shootas. Which you choose will come down to taste; we’d recommend mounting yours in the Trukk with some Sluggas and Choppas to make the most of their close-combat prowess.

The Lootas can also be built as Burna Boyz, which is a very worthwhile consideration. These guys excel at close range and are great when mounted in an Open-topped vehicle like a Trukk or a Battlewagon – bolster your unit up to 10, and you’ll be able to carve a charred path through any enemy hordes!

Ork Battlewagons have a dizzying array of options available, as befits the mad mechanical ingenuity of the Orks. We’d suggest loading yours out with every gun you can. After all, you might as well take advantage of your ability to move and fire Heavy weapons! If you’re looking to add a Deffrolla to your force, make sure to pick up the Battlewagon Upgrade Pack.


Naturally, you’ll want to turn your Battleforce into a Battalion Detachment to make the most of the superb Orks Troop slots and to grab some more Command Points to spend on your new Chapter Approved Stratagems. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you want to keep your points cost to a minimum, a couple of units of Gretchin will do the trick, but we think the best choice is Start Collecting! Orks.

Firstly, you’ll save EVEN MORE money on your miniatures. Secondly, the Start Collecting! Orks set features a range of models that fit in nicely with the Battleforce. You can never have too many Boyz, while the Painboy helps provide them with some additional durability. Finally, the Deff Dread is a powerful offensive anchor for the rest of your army and should help you deal with more durable foes, like Tyranid bio-beasts and enemy tanks.

Finally, a simple add-in is an extra Trukk and a unit of Boyz to fill it!

As you can see, this battleforce is a fantastic way to kick off an Ork army. Tempted? Pick up your Orks Kult of Speed Battleforce here.

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